It will take more than Psycho to fix Forest

Pete Brooksbank

Pete was the runner-up in the 2014 When Saturday Comes football writing competition with an article about how crap of a football fan he is. He was the writer and editor of the now defunct impsTALK site, charting the highs and lows of Boston United's ridiculous stint as a league club. He continues to write about Boston United for the Boston Standard, and was commissioned as a staff writer on a BBC Radio 4 comedy show you've almost certainly never heard of. Twitter: @petebrooksbank

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11 Responses

  1. J says:

    Ha,ha, nice one sheepy boy. Poorly written drivel, which may have been a good read by the end but got bored half way through.

  2. Paz says:

    I’m hopeful that Fawaz is true to his words n the sense of “learn from my mistakes”

    I don’t think there is any question that he has Forests best intentions at heart and I think getting Pearce in is a complete uturn to the way it was under BD and that is a big part of the ‘learning from mistakes’

    He has appointed Mcgovern as ambassador remember too and it seems lined up a ceo for next season also; there is also the clear evidence of working even closer with the academy and the continuity there.

    Pearce is the right man to bring all of those elements together, experience, knowledge and trust in young players and with the clubs interest at heart, not financial gain or personal interest. It will bring respect back tot he club, respect to the media, to officials, to the shirt.

    He will also be financially backed and if we are in a position of strength we will build on it, Fawaz one feels will invest if we are sitting pretty, this is something that Doughty, for all his great work, did not really do.

    There is more to being a successful club as your article suggests and also to being a good manager, he need not necessarily be the super tactician, he needs to improve players, to be a good man manager, he needs to build a strong foundation, he needs the fans on his side, he needs a chairmans support, he needs good players, he needs passion and belief… to name just a few traits.

    There are a lot of those positives now in place

  3. Timmy Pope says:

    Are you David Peace in disguise?

    Very cleverly take a bit of fact & turn it into a massively dramatized & erroneous piece of fiction of blockbuster proportions?

    or just write a load of bollocks…

  4. lee says:

    What a load of over written tosh

  5. mrglobeman says:

    what a lot of words to say aload of crap.

  6. DarkTrain says:

    Did someone get a thesaurus for Christmas? Jesus Christ what a load of sensationalist crap.

    God forbid any club should try and have a soul, an identity, a personality.

    Football must be one of few industries where people are judged on statistics of their performance when they were a rookie in a particular role and practically zero credit is given when said individuals go out and gain skills and experience to improve themselves.

    Pearce has a better win %, at a higher level, than so called ‘safer’ appointments like Mackay or Clarke. He has vastly more managerial experience than the likes of the aforementioned Clarke or people like Zola or DiMatteo.

    Above all else, Pearce loves this football club the same way those on the terraces do. Not token affinity – he lives and breathes the club, it’s in his blood. If giving a guy who believes, completely believes, he has what it takes and who has the very best intentions for the football club embedded in his heart an opportunity to get us back where we belong is wrong then frankly i’m done with the whole game.

    Football is not about prats like Mourinho and his faux ‘personality’ or wasters like Rooney on £300k a week to expose us to yet more of their unfulfilled talent. It’s about hope, belief, expectation and identity.

    “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”

    Good luck Psycho and welcome home.

  7. Pete Brooksbank says:

    DarkTrain – Apart from the thesaurus bit I don’t disagree with much of what you say. I concur that a degree of romanticism is being lost in the modern game and this should be a nice, heart-warming return for a terrace legend. But something doesn’t feel right at the minute. Maybe it will when he arrives in July, be that at a Championship or a Premiership club, but right now I’m not convinced Fawaz made the choice for the right reasons.

    I think quite a few people have taken this admittedly doom-laden piece as a pop at Stuart Pearce, or it just being anti-Forest because I felt like trolling them or something, probably in part because it’s about 15,000 words long and they probably give up halfway through. Fair point – I take that and the David Peace thing on the chin, although in my defence 200% isn’t a Forest blog and not everyone knows the context of the appointment.

    In fact, aside from pointing out Pearce’s average managerial record (a debate that’s going to rumble on until he actually gets games under his belt) I’m mainly arguing that for Fawaz to make this work he needs to back Stuart Pearce up properly and give him the tools he needs to succeed, which is at the very least is a functioning boardroom and a proper structure behind the scenes. You can’t bring back a terrace hero just to appease people and leave him to sort out the mess caused by Billy Davies all by himself. Someone else above commented that there’s a CEO on the way: if that’s true, that’s great, it shows Fawaz is learning (albeit very slowly). If appointing Pearce is the start of a longer process of rebuilding the club then superb – I would love nothing better than to see people telling me how wrong I was in 18 months. But if Fawaz continues to wing it like he has the last two seasons I can’t see this working. How could it? I don’t buy into the idea that just because an ex-player has ‘desire’ and ‘passion’ for his favourite club it compensates for deficiencies elsewhere – modern football doesn’t work like that anymore, and that’s something Fawaz needs to address asap.

  8. Cs says:

    I would like to add that your article was well written, concise and factual. An excellent read that I couldn’t have put better myself.

    I, like you, am somewhat sceptical on ‘Psycho’s’ appointment. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a Forest legend and one of my personal heroes (I have his signed picture sitting proudly in my living room!). But you hit the nail on the head ref his managerial credentials: granted Man City weren’t the force they are now during his tenure, but his inability to progress the so called ‘Golden Generation’ of English kids, with excellent facilities, full FA backing and a 10-year contract to boot, suggests that he’s not a good manager. Furthermore, the Olympics (on home soil) was a shambles (With or without Bale).

    Fawaz, whilst passionate and the fans ‘yes man’, doesn’t have a clue. He wants success and he wants it yesterday. Why? Simple really: money. He wants to turn us into a premiership force with the minimal financial outlay, create a commercial brand in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Countries and leg it. He can feed us the “I love Brian Clough”, “I loved them in the 70’s/80’s” blah blah blah. He can open the club doors, give U-12’s free season tickets, re-tweet fans, put a giant score board in the ground. It’s all (as you say) smoke and mirrors. He’s painting over some very large cracks without looking at how the cracks are being created in the first place. Let’s face it, the Algerians and the Saudi Goal keeper were not players any manager would’ve chosen?!

    I genuinely hope that Stuart Pearce suceeds. I’ve stuck with Forest through all they’ve thrown at us in recent years, and I’ll continue to do so. But he needs to contend with Fawaz’ inpatience, a crumbling infrastructure and most of all, his own flaws as a football manager. I wish him well.

  9. Tommy1drop says:

    Sheep dip alert, some little bah bah with nothing else to do other than write a load of tosh, wishful thinking, Billy boys time was up, he should never have been brought back in the first place!
    Glad he`s gone…you bet.

  10. Brian says:

    Brill.Well done Pete.

  11. James Crosby says:

    What a lot of over articulated, negative drivel.

    Is it so wrong to seek to build on the solid history of a Football Club? Fawaz Al Hasawi has always said be bought Nottingham Forest because he respected its history and he has demonstrated that by seeking out a Manager who is indelibly at its core. A man that truly loves the Club and understands what the fans feel. A man that understands the challenge he faces and carries himself in a professional and understated but determined manner.

    Nottingham Forest seeks to demonstrate an identity shock!

    Sure they’re will be short term “Psycho” fever. Who can blame us? He achieved so much and demonstrated the qualities we need when he led Forest on the pitch for so long. A man who took those qualities onto the pitch with England also. A man that no fan of West Ham, Coventry, Newcastle or Man City could honestly say did not give their all for their shirt also. A man that managed Manchester City and England U21 with dignity under difficult circumstances.

    Well done Fawaz, you have moved on from your mistakes and welcome home Stuart Pearce.

    “Psycho, Psycho, Psycho……..!!!!”

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