Rangers FC & The Self-Importance Of Being Sandy

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6 Responses

  1. trueblue says:

    sry mate your talking crap

  2. steven says:

    listen its a well known fact that in Greenock the Easdals Burnt and torched every other Bus and taxi frims in invercleye out of bisness other where bribe’d ??? also other’s thast won’d there taxi plate if never sold too the scumdales was burn’d out as well.dont let the Scumdales keep hoold off my beloved BROXY IBROX? & aye i live in Greenock i know what go’s on

  3. stu says:

    Being honest, I can sort of understand why the board are thinking of legal action with a lot of inaccuracies posted about the individuals.
    At the same time, you can understand the fans’ anger. It’s a catch 22 situation.
    One major inaccuracy in the article when discussing Struth is that you mention “old” Rangers. If you are referring to the company then fair enough, but it is the same club. You appear to be believing the deluded ones who expect that if you repeat (or deny) something enough times, then it becomes the truth.

  4. Craig Whyte says:

    I was not so bad after all. You will be welcoming me back as a saviour soon.

  5. Rtid says:

    If the brothers (were crooks)I don’t think they,d be daft a noth to put money into Rangers for the whole world to know who they were,as I don’t thing crooks want everyone to no there past,so I think you’ve got to look at it an other way.If they hadn’t put money in all these people that are calling them crooks and gangsters,I just wonder how much they put in to Rangers,as these two brothers had the guts to put hard earned cash into something they no they wouldn’t make a profit on,they’ve put the money in as I can only say there probable lifetime supporters,that have a bit of money and want to save the club.How many Rangers supporters are they around the world,instead of moaning about them,there’s probably millions all over the world,and a lot are probably millionaires that could put a couple of hundred thousand into Rangers and it wouldn’t even put a dent into there bank accounts as the interest would cover it.I don’t no why a guy crook or not(Davie King)is not wanted at Rangers when he’s willing to put 50million into the club,so is that the eaves dales fault aswell,as they seem the easy answer to any questions(just blame the eaves dales)but David Murrey can sell Rangers for a pound and sneak back to Edinbourgh,without anyone questioning him,as he was the main man so no one can say he didn’t no what was going on.Why was he not investigated,as anyone with a brain would be thinking why is he selling Rangers for a pound,so David Murray a business man would sell one of the biggest clubs in the world for less than a bottle of irn bru,but he made sure the steel and metal all came from his business and the money would have went straight into his pocket,as I still thing to this day that big daft white bit of metal on the top of the Bill Struth stand isn’t needed,I might be wrong,but we never had it before so why need it when it was erected.I don’t no much about theSons of Struth,but I sure no a lot about Bill Struth,and I think the guys are just voicing there apinion not meaning any harm,but I don’t agree with taking them to court where one of the founders could loss everything

  6. Couldnt Agree more @Rtid !! Its at a stage now where our club is teetering on the brink of permanent mediocrity at boardroom level. Some would say it’s already had a ‘trickle down’ effect to the Playing Side. The futures looking grim,we’re asking for a crisis loan every season just to stagger through to the new financial year. We need Sandy Easdale to step back. He’s whats standing between Dave King entering Ibrox once again as a Club Director/Serious Investor. Easdale isnt even on the “International board” yet he controls the proxies for all the main consortium shareholders like BPH, MH and Laxey. He basically controls Rangers and if certain people are to be blieved ,he wants Wallace out due to Wallace insisting bringing King on board is the best option they have remaining. Easdale would rather court Malaysian dudes on Interpol most wanted lists. Its a travesty our club ever ended up in this position #WATP

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