The Right Stuff: Luton Town FC Speaks Up For Supporter Involvement


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6 Responses

  1. Danny Yellow says:

    I’d be very wary of them. Their fans still have a terrible reputation, which continued through their non league days. Having been to some games there, they only know one song “Cam un Lutan” and really don’t get behind their team unless they are three nil up. A three sided ground that is one of the worst in the country doesn’t help.

    Beating villages in the pub league is one thing. I can see them heading back down after a season in the League.

  2. Jason Carlson says:

    As a Luton fan, I find a lot of this article to be inaccurate.

    The club is owned by a company, not a fan group. 2020 do not split the profits with the fan base, etc. In fact, we’re three million in debt, which is baffling for a non league club with 6,000 gates.

    A lot of the fans have major question marks over Gary Sweet and company. Another Jayten? Maybe not, but this article glossed over what real Hatters have to say about things.

    Survival in Division Two? Not without a major spend, which has never happened under 2020.

  3. Nearly a Genius says:

    “We”are £3 million in debt? What team do you support,Jason?

  4. Andy C says:

    Not sure which of these comments is more laughable. At least the first one is obvious and not making a pathetic attempt at pretending to be a Luton supporter, having said that I’d lay money that they’re from the same, sad individual.

  5. Fuctivano says:

    Nice to see the “hilarious” Luton Outlaws troll putting in an appearance.

    Even Ron Ipstone would look fairly normal in comparison.

  6. Nathan says:

    Whilst it is obviously welcome it’s not unprecedented. Luton are not the first professional club to offer their fans the right to veto any name change. Most Fans-owned clubs have similar in their constitutions.

    Wimbledon define certain critical things (like name, badge, ground, ownership etc.) that require a majority of 75% of total Trust members (members, not voters) at two consecutive quarterly meetings to change for example.

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