Birmingham City & The Self-Importance Of Being Peter

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  1. John says:

    Every Bluenose must surely know, the reason why Blues have not been sold, is because, Peter Pannu, as acting chairman, has no desire to sell the club, because of the salary he receives from the club. He has nothing but contempt for all Blues fans and has no interest in BCFC, apart from taking a salary, for what appears be doing nothing.

  2. mark francis says:

    I am right behind dan as I read his articles every day and I know he is very careful about what he writes on the op site so mr pannu if you have a go at dan you can have a go at me aswell. kro delay no more !!

  3. Tony says:

    I wish he was only on £400k per annum, but if you add his BIHL salary and his consultancy fee to Aria Rays to this overall the figure is considerably higher and as the only income available to BIHL is from BCFC, we’re paying the lot!

  4. suenoble says:

    Mr Pannu I cannot speak cantonese, chinese or anything else, I speak English so please Mr Pannu, DELAY NO MORE, I repeat, DELAY NO MORE!

  5. davedevilblue says:

    Peter had done a wonderful job at the club and at the holding company in HK. Had it not been him the club would have been busted 3 years ago when Carson was arrested and the club in massive debts . He then went back and got the group re listed on the exchanged and raised funds for the club and now trying to sell to non Chinese buyers, and against carson’s wishes. He is with us…..I see thro all this….and so do many other fair minded fans…thanks peter

  6. Malwebb says:

    Mr Pannu you are as thick skinned as a Rhino,and you are as much use in the board room at BCFC,as a Rhino would be! Delay no more ! Go now.

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