The Tactics Tank, Episode One: Manchester United vs Fulham

Pete Brooksbank

Boston United fan Pete was the writer and editor of impsTALK, the curiously-named Pilgrims fanzine that charted the lows and further lows experienced by the club during its disastrous and unintentionally hilarious five year stint as a Football League club. He continues writing under the impsTALK banner for the Boston Standard. He’s also written for When Saturday Comes and BBC Radio 4, although his ultimate ambition of getting a letter published by the Guardian’s Fiver remains tragically unfulfilled.

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3 Responses

  1. UltrasBet says:

    Yes, Holtby was amazing in this game! Fulham deserves to win points and i like that this happen in “Moyes Time”!

  2. Joe McGrath says:

    More of the same please. :D

  3. Ben M says:

    Great article but can I ask why you are still using a 5×4 heat grid rather than the more informative and nuanced 16×12 format?

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