How does Australian football build a future beyond Del Piero

Gary Andrews

Gary Andrews has been writing, broadcasting and podcasting about football-related odds and sods (and occasionally proper stuff) since 2005. His usual areas of interest and lower and non-league in the UK, general football culture, broadcasting and technology's relation to football. May occasionally write about Australian football if feeling so inclined. Supports Exeter City and Sydney FC. Unused to success.

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2 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    ‘Emile Heskey at Newcastle’ – four words to bring me out in a cold sweat. I know we’re just about to lose Cabaye and half our forwards are injured, but even still…

  2. Adelaide Clive says:

    Thanks for a great article.I have lived in Adelaide for 2 years having followed the red & white hoops of Kingstonian for 21 years. It’s great to see W S W in their red & white hooped shirts. Yes, marquee signings like Del Piero are brilliant for Australian soccer as evidenced on his arrival at Adelaide Airport recently but the Aussies need to produce some good quality youngsters of their own & not rely on too many “old men” as they have in recent fixtures.
    With a World Cup fixture list which starts with Chile, followed by Netherlands & Spain it is difficult to see where a goal is coming from & could result in 3 humiliating defeats so rebuilding will become extremely important.

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