The Petulant Outbursts Of Assem Allam

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4 Responses

  1. Accountant says:

    Dunno if it is private eye or this author’s error, but losses do not come from paying dividends to shareholders. Dividends are paid out of retained earnings, they are a distribution of profits, so do not appear as expenses and do not feature at all on profit and loss accounts/income statements.

  2. Donks says:

    When recently trying to source marine specified generator sets for one of our vessels I contacted ‘Allam Marie’ only to be advised that they do not sully generators for marine applications!!
    ‘Allam Marine’s’ core business is assembling generator sets to your specifications!! They don’t do marine specifications, therefore the name is a misnomer.

  3. Syd Nical says:

    Its actually Allam Marine, not Allam Marie.
    If changing a 100 plus year old name of an established football club and one currently in the EPL is such a good business idea to generate loads of money, how come Manchester United or anyone else for that matter have not thought of it first ?
    This started off as a spat with Hull City Council over botched talks, which the council were equally as guilty (some say more than) about the freehold of the council owned KC Stadium which the football club share with Hull FC (a rugby league club) also added to the mix were the favourable terms the rugby league club had secured in secret talks with the council over their lease agreement.
    I believe Dr Allam thought by taking ‘City’ away from the clubs name it would somehow reflect badly on Hull City Council. He has already threatened to move the club to a new stadium at Melton and he refused the offer of a civic reception after the club won automatic promotion to the Premier League saying ‘What has it got to do with Hull City Council?’
    Now it has spiralled horribly out of control and Dr. Allam despite of all the good he has done is in danger of backing himself into a corner,

  4. Tim Vickerman says:

    What Messrs Tan and Allam fail to realise is that changing kit colour or team name will not attract one more fan in the ‘lucrative’ world market. Although Tom Hanks has been quoted as saying he ‘supports’ Aston Villa as he liked the name.

    The lesser lights of the ‘EPL’ are merely cannon fodder for the few teams with significant fanbases around the world. A group that now includes Manchester City. As Syd makes reference to, did Manchester City need to change their kit or their name to gain access to this elite group? No, they spend a f*ckload of petrol money on some of the finest talent in world football and started winning trophies. It’s not rocket science.

    Unless Tan and Allam have that kind of funding then I suggest they give up on their dreams of world footballing domination and perhaps work with the supporters to build a sustainable football club that works together with its local community. But then I suppose that’s just naive of me, isn’t it?

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