AVB: Too Much, Too Young?

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2 Responses

  1. RDS of Cambs says:

    Every so often a ‘Chancer’ comes to town, impresses all with a CV full of crap and achievements that are well below what is needed in the EPL. AVB got found out at Chelsea very soon a ‘Boy’ amongst men. Still worse following his sacking at Chelsea Spurs ‘Dan the man’ went and appointed AVB. Why oh why? Bale carried him and the team in his first year, £100M plus failed to help the inexperienced coach move things forward.

    Stats were good and we broke some apparently under his management. But we played the worst football in many years and those drubbings we took were simply shameful. Sadly ‘Dan the man’ must take the blame for this poor appointment that has set us back at least another 2 years.

  1. December 28, 2013

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