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6 Responses

  1. Moore says:

    You’re right about the pricing of course. Utterly ridiculous. It pretty much sends out the window everything I said in my previous comment about this match being a fairly suitable one to test out the demand and technology for broadcasting football in this way. I assume this is due to the one off nature of the event, and the organisation screening it. I feel this will backfire badly for them though, and they will make less revenue than they would have at £2.99 a pop which is about what I would pay for it.

    I think I will prefer to spend the weekend practising my gold medal standard back swing for 2016.

  2. Wyre Forest Red says:

    I cannot think of one single reason why anyone would pay more than a couple of quid to watch a shaky internet stream of a football match huddled around a computer. I hope that this flops spectacularly, and a whole lot more perspective/ reasoning is shown with regards to the cost of watching football in the future. It will have escaped most football “fans”‘ attention that its FA Cup weekend this weekend. Get to one of those games at a local ground instead.

  3. Nik says:

    Not wanting to find fault in your fine blog, but the Sheffield FC (oldest club in the world (c) / FCUM match-up was in the last round. FC are playing Stalybridge (I think) tomorrow, whilst club are in Uni One South action at home to Willenhall.

    Other than, faultless as ever.

  4. admin says:

    You’re quite right, Nik. I’m not sure how that entered into my head – I think FCUM might have played Sheffield in the last round.

  5. Wurzel says:

    I’ve received an e-mail from Bet365 telling me the match can be viewed absolutely free live on their site by account holders with “funded accounts”. Not quite sure what this means, my account has been funded but the balance currently stands at £0.
    To be honest it’s irrelevant, I can think of better things to do with my Saturday afternoon/evening – I may have felt different if the match actually had any meaning for England.

  6. pauli666 says:

    DONT PUT UP With IT!!
    free live stream for england v ukraine today. Sentanta can lick my duck for putting us through this no password needed. yipeee. footie free

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