Birmingham City: Carson In Court & Paladini In Panto

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2 Responses

  1. Iain says:

    Brilliant article, thanks for the coverage.

  2. Letsby Avenue says:

    Well researched and precised…but slightly cankered because you’ve missed bits. Might be your ‘clapped out PC’ eh ?
    Crucial bits though.

    Go back to the late admittance of “support” for Carson’s assertions, (that the Prosecution claimed were delayed by another Agency)… no mention.

    That is a bona-fide, Class 1 Appeal, because of Douglas’ disregarding.

    Which is of no use to any of us wanting an end to this regime, but, a really salient factor in the future ability to hold on to their only “cash-cow”

    Also, some of us regard Paladini as a joke, and to spend two thirds of your blog on his pathetic “love-in” with Tom Ross, really tests our concentration.

    Couldn’t you just say that the people backing Paladini with the dosh – refused to be named?

    Anyway – take out the Paldini tranche – and we have a really good analysis.

    **** Thank you Mark ***


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