Is The Portsmouth Crisis Deepening?


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5 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Hermann Hreidarsson is a serial relegator.

    The immediate cash injection from 10,000 visiting Portsmouth fans helped the franchise avoid going out of business in 2003.

    Harry Redknapp would be ashamed if he had any shame.

  2. Wyre Forest Red says:

    Haven’t read enough of the history behind this story. Do Portsmouth fans really blame Harry Redknapp for this? I’d have thought that a manager would ask for money to buy a new player, and it would be up to the owner/ board to say know if they couldn’t afford it. Why would a manager know the full finances of the club? Not trying to offend, just curious as to who Portsmouth fans blame for all of this.

  3. Rob says:

    To be fair, when Harry left Bournemouth, West Ham and Southampton, they were all on stable financial footing.

    Tom Bower’s Broken Dreams has some interesting details on Redknapp’s time at West Ham, from a financial point of view.

  4. enzee199 says:

    Harry certainly knows when to get off a sinking ship.

    As a Saints fan even I have some sympathy for the plight of them down the road; no one wants to see a club go to the wall.

    Hopefully Pompey will get bailed out at some point, might be an 11th hour thing and they will be in the Championship next season but, club of a certain size usually get saved. Still, the amount of clubs at all levels encountering financial difficulty in the last few years is a cause for alarm. Unfortunately I have no faith the sports governing bodies will take any action to ensure clubs are run within their means until a big club, Priemiership or Championship closes it’s doors for good with only streeet names to sustain the memories.

  5. Martin says:

    enzee199, you didn’t give a shit about any of that while your club was in the Premiership, just like I didn’t.

    That’s the biggest problem facing football.

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