Halifax Town: Finally Competitive, Finally Solvent…


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5 Responses

  1. P Kikuts says:

    No way do we want anyone who is connected with the rugby club. As a fan of Hx Town, we know they are not reliable, When they came to the Shay they were supposed to put some of the money into the Shay, this did not happen, they wasted it all and have been baled out twice since, they are now in debt again! They would bring the Town down.
    This guy is trying to get the Shay on the cheap well aware of the financial climate.

  2. Dan says:

    Club – Ownership of ground = Trouble

  3. Tony says:

    Two points:

    1. Tony Abbott stated quite categorically that the stadium would NOT be owned by Reactiv Media but by a totally seperate new company so that, even if Reactiv Media went bust, it’s creditors would have no claim on the stadium company.

    2. When P Kikuts, above, refers to the Rugby club “wasting” the money from the sale of their ground he is not being entirely accurate. It actually went to paying HM Government to clear taxes owed as opposed to when Halifax Town went bust owing 2 million quid to creditors who got nothing.

  4. Kit Walton says:

    P Kikuts is only half correct. Most Town fans do not want ANY individual to own our ground. While many are against private ownership in principle, I would personally accept each Club owning half, or even a three-way deal involving the Council.
    Regarding the Rugby Club putting money in when they moved to the Shay, it is my belief that they were only ever asked to contribute £100k (which they did). While popular opinion suggested the money from selling Thrum Hall would help fund the Shay’s development, Town’s Chairman at the time wished to control the whole project, so kept away from a formal agreement.

  5. Nina Croad says:

    Never, ever, ever let people like Abott gain control of the ground and club. It is just an accident waiting to happen. You only have to look of the history of this kind of thing and it is paved with “good intentions” of business men the likes of Reynolds at Darlington, and others at Gretna, Rushden and Diamonds, Kettering, and now Coventry, all of whom were ruined by overly large stadiums that promised this that and the other. Most of these business men are little more than criminals.

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