Coventry City: Roles & Responsibilities

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Another meeting is being held today regarding the signature of the CVA which the owners of Coventry City hope will be the end of the club’s spell in administration. As long-time followers of this story will already be aware, a considerable issue with regard to this story has been the small matter of which company is which, who owns what and who was legally responsible for what. We leave this document here without further comment, other than to suggest that all readers should pay particular attention to where responsibilities for certain matters were intended to be rested in the spring of 2008.

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  1. SISU repsonse will be “lies lies lies lies lies lies blame the council blame ACL misdirection denial The Football League gave us their full backing Paul Appleton said we’ve done nothing wrong (cheques in the post)lies lies lies blame ACL blame ACL blame ACL blame ACL “

    Paul Grafton

    August 3, 2013


  1. Is it all starting to unravel for the owners of Coventry City Football Club? | A Prison of Measured Time - […] minutes of a club meeting in 2008 were published on Friday¬†which¬†record that the board at that time considered that …

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