Ken Bates Loses The Closest Thing He Ever Had To ‘Honour’

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8 Responses

  1. David says:

    Could not have been said better! We hate bates with all the energy that we can muster! In my view, a truly despicable man!

  2. dan says:

    Wow, what an ariticle. I learned the financial dirty tricks Bates dished to all our faithful Leeds fans in the last 8 years just in 30 min. No wonder it took GFH that long to complete the handover. Bates, a final word from all LUFC fans, just leave in PEACE, and go enjoy yourself, have a Piña colada on the beach in Monaco.

    The Giant Whites are waking up, but without you !!!

  3. This, and the David Conn article, ought to be compulsory reading for every Leeds supporter who has ever spoken any words in support of the odious individual who has taken millions out of our club. It’s likely that no-one will ever know how many millions have been taken from us, but there’s a good chance that if the money had gone on players then we would already be in the Premier League, and he could have made even more money from the sale!!!!!

  4. PeterT says:

    Hope he does go to a English Court and is asked all the questions that fans/ tax people want to ask.

    We have finally got rid of that cancerous Chelski “person”

    We can move forward
    Look at the crowd on Sat over 30,000 the atmposhere will show it is a new start
    I know it will take time but at last we can take the first step forward in 8 years of Bates regime


  5. James march says:

    Great article , great read. Just hope this investment talk comes through. MOT

  6. john wade says:

    What a legend. A clever man who knows what he is doing. I will always raise a glass to him.

  7. James Tong says:

    Gillingham have also signed Cody McDonald from Coventry, after two previous successful loan spells at the club.

  8. SW19 Womble says:

    The sad thing is, once Bates finally extricates himself from all the legal bollocks with Leeds, he’ll soon be bored and start sniffing around another club to “save”.

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