Are Hull City Being Re-Branded By Stealth?


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14 Responses

  1. Adrian says:

    “He purchased the club for a princely sum of 1 Pound” What are your talking about..? (you bloody amateur) – He cleared 40 + million worth of debt, with his own hard earned cash..! He had the option to delay his purchase by two weeks, by which time the club would have fallen into the hands of administrators, but ever being the local philanthropist, he refused to allow that to happen and thus saved the club from receiving a 10 point reduction and probable relegation to the third tier. Please take some friendly advice; if you want to be a credible journalist – then in future do your homework…!

  2. David says:

    I have supported city for 58 yrs as a passholder for over 50 of them..the change is of a minor nature so if it benefits the club financially I am all in favour and I think so is a silent majority..

  3. Snothillbaz says:

    According to local media, the club are issuing a formal statement on this subject this evening. For me, please keep the club name as it is, but please, please, revamp the club badge, especially the font which is sooooo 1950’s! Most likely created on the back of a fag packet, maybe Senior Service Plain!

  4. Colin Beadle says:

    Since as long as I can remember Hull City AFC has been known as “Hull City” or “the Tigers” – what on earth is wrong with making the badge “Hull City Tigers”? If it levers in more cash to spend on players, or maybe a new ground down the road – that surely is all to the good! In the meantime supporters will call their team what they want: the Tigers, ‘Ull or whatever. As an away supporter I would be more interested in Hull City AFC offering a shirt without having to advertise Cash Converters which I will not buy. So I stick with a plain amber and black 1971 version. In the meantime some supporters should stop trying to live in the past and embrace an exciting new future for the team, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

  5. Ian says:

    If Eurosport is wrong, then I am as well.

    But this isn’t really the main thrust of what this whole piece was about anyway.

  6. Joe says:

    I understand the outcry about Cardiff City’s rebrand; when it involves changing the colours and the symbol so drastically it’s a big deal because those colours and symbols are in many ways central to the identity of the club. However, I don’t really get what the fuss is all about when you’re talking about minor changes to a badge or a club name.

    Clubs change their badges all the time, and when there are complaints from fans they can easily change them back; just look at Everton this summer. As to the alteration to the name, was there this kind of outcry when Manchester United Football Club altered their badge to become plain old Manchester United?

  7. Ben says:

    Adrian, Allam did indeed buy the club for £1 as part of the take-over transaction. Debt is treated differently when a company is taken over. In effect what the Allams did was to pay some money back to creditors (c.£10m) and then the rest he guaranteed, which, is in effect a promise to pay.

    It is common practice accross football clubs to do this, Bates did the same when he took over both Chelsea and Leeds.

  8. Billy Bob says:

    It’s not just “Hull City Tigers” that worries many fans in terms of re-branding, it’s the more dreadful “Hull Tigers” which is being frequently used by the owners and non-footballing management at the moment.

  9. Mark says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following this tournament through your witty and informative posts – thanks for all your hard work.

  10. moethebarman says:

    The cat sitting analogy doesn’t work. Allam is not being paid by the fans to look after Hull, he owns it. And I’m guessing that he owns it because no Hull fan came forward to buy the club…

    Quite frankly though, I’m not interested in the legalities of him being able to do with his club as he likes, he should only change the name with the permission of supporters.

    Hull City Tigers sounds awful.

  11. SW19 Womble says:

    I look forward to the Hull City Tigers slightly modifying the code of football they play in a season or two (for marketing purposes) when they can line up against the Warrington Wolves and Salford City Reds.

  12. Dave says:

    Can only think the new chap is hankering for that new UK NFL franchise that’s been mooted. Go Tigers!! lol

  13. Mike Lammiman says:

    Given ‘Dr’ Allam’s penchant for having his name associated with entities he invests in, how long before it is Hull Allam Tigers?

  1. August 9, 2013

    […] the cards for a while that. Stupid really. All in the idea he might sell a few more shirts abroad. Are Hull City Being Re-Branded By Stealth? | Twohundredpercent __________________ […]

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