Lessons Must Be Learned From The Shaun Tuck Case


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5 Responses

  1. Matthew Martin says:

    Seems to me that this “new” culture of everybody having an intrinsic responsibility to ensure that no other person is even slightly perturbed by anything they say could soon have us all walking around in a perfect stone silence!

  2. Simon Cope says:

    Matthew, there is a huge difference between your perception that their is a culture of not perturbing anybody, and the sort of hatred and bile that Mr Tuck was posting on Twitter that evening. Incitement of that sort should not be defended on the grounds of free speech.

  3. Matthew Martin says:

    Simon, I take your point that the views expressed were vile and broke the law for incitement. My comment was motivated more by the following sentence in the article:

    “private thoughts are probably best kept private if they are likely to cause offence.”

    That suggests to me that before I open my mouth with any sort of verbal expression, I should ask myself whether or not anybody that might possibly overhear it would be offended by it and, if so, I should refrain from voicing it. That to me is the spat of irritation as I have zero responsibility to ensure that anybody isn’t offended by anything I say. Should that responsibility be put on me and it become an offence to offend anybody with an opinion, I would never voice another one, it wouldn’t be worth the risk! That is not a step forwards for society.

  4. Madmicky F says:

    “These tweets contained threats of violence to innocent persons, including children, who would be victims solely because of their religion. They were promoting hatred of other community members entirely because of their religious beliefs.”

    Are there not also numerous instances of radical muslim clerics making exactly the same kind of threats against Jewish people. And yet I cannot recall any being jailed for doing so.

  1. September 4, 2013

    […] no doubt as to their feelings towards racism and those who defend it, we take a look back at this article from the superb 200% written following Shaun Tuck’s […]

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