Is It Time For A New Football Club For Coventry?


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10 Responses

  1. Iain says:

    Nice article.

    I was firmly in the “I just want to watch football” camp but logistically I can’t even make Northampton even if morally I could.

    Would love to see a proper Phoenix club but the support is very divided and not sure how they’d afford to play at the Ricoh so that’s another problem unsolved. There’s been a couple of attempts already that have been met with lukewarm reception.

    I’d say most are waiting it out, even this news was a leak and doesn’t feel final yet. For there the reality won’t set in until we see gates/team sheets/performances under this plan. Maybe then well get the Sky Blue Revolution we’ve been long promised.

  2. Dale Moore says:

    Great article. Very well written. Thanks for the support.

  3. Andy Heath says:

    Great articles and blogs. If things don’t change and SISU carry out their threat, I would be inclined to say this is the way to go, bit as Iain rightly points out, there is a huge split amongst fans at the moment. Maybe this is where the Cov Tel and BBC CWR can actually make a difference by acting as a rallying point and giving some leadership.

  4. mick says:

    Nice idea Andy, but sadly the remit of both is to report on the activities of CCFC, a service which can only be provided with the blessing of SISU.

    If either or both incur their displeasure it’ll be lock out time.

  5. SW19 Womble says:

    Sounds like it’ll take a little while longer for any “phoenix club” talk to gain sufficient traction.
    Which is fair enough – although this does look like the next step in the ‘death of a thousand cuts’.

    After all, it was only after the Norwegians made it clear they had only one intention of forcing through the move to Milton Keynes, come hell or high water, that support for an “AFC Wimbledon” started. And it was only in the final few weeks (when leaks of the FA 3-man-commission stitch-up began to surface) that it gained critical mass and wholehearted support.

    Coventry are only in the “temporary sharing with another club” mode. Let’s just hope that SISU aren’t following the Norwegian/Winkleman blueprint.

    Let’s see what 3 years (plus) at Northampton does to the club and its support. I can’t see it bringing them closer together tho. :(

  6. Nathan says:

    Wimbledon fans did not “walk away” in 2002. Their club deserted them just to fulfil a supermarket property development.

    Coventry fans should count themselves lucky that Coventry are not still in tier 2 as then Winkelman would no doubt be sniffing around the corpse of their club.

    Wimbledon’s move to Selhurst Park in 1991 was only supposed to be temporary too and look how badly that turned out.

    RIP Coventry City.

  7. Deeanne Clake says:

    I came across this article after thinking it was time to look a starting afresh with the “real Coventry City”. A Year on an Coventry are now in the 3rd tier of English football and with only 1500-1600 fans turning up to watch at 6 fields, the status quo has to shift soon. The close season will be interesting. There is the wrangle of ACL funding by the Council judicial review to work through, which hopefully will go a similar way to how SISU verses Alex Higgs Trust is going with SISUs counter claim for £290,000 being thrown out by the judge only today.

    If SISU lose the next battle, I can’t see them staying in in long term, they will look for a buyer of the club. With debts reported to be at £40 Million, this isn’t going to be an attractive proposition for a would be purchaser. Of Course the SISU shareholders and Directors have had a pretty good run, so they might just call it quits.

    Unless SISU invest, Coventry would be strong candidates to drop to League Two in the 20014/15 season, and that is only one above Non league level, crowds too are likely to be lower than this year. So the year ahead will be interesting.

    Personally I just want my football club back. I don’t particularly care if SISU still run it, so long as it is in Coventry and the team are given a chance to grow and rise through the leagues. Sadly history does not favour this happening. The team under the SISU era always seem to have played second fiddle to making a fast buck or two, selling key players at the worst possible times for the benefit of the club.

    To close, I think – hope – we will be in a position to know which way to go before the end of this year.

    It’s a miserable situation and hope a happier period is not too far away.

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