The Friday Cartoon: The Return Of The Incredible Lovejoy

The Friday Cartoon: The Return Of The Incredible Lovejoy

By on May 17, 2013 in Art, Latest | 0 comments

There was considerable praise heaped on BT this week with the news that they will be offering live Premier League football to their broadband subscribers from the start of next season. While it is tempting to consider this to be a loss leader – and a very expensive one at that – there is no such thing as a free lunch, and BT viewers will not only have to suffer the sight of Michael Owen as a pundit – we think we can guess how that is all going to work out – and the return of Tim Lovejoy to our screens with a programme that will almost certainly involve men sitting around in ill-fitting replica shirts performing the little known performance art that is “banter” to what will doubtlessly be a delighted audience at home. While we wait to find out exactly which senior executive of the communications giant it is that Lovejoy has compromising photograph of, here’s the brief story of how the presenter obtained his super-powers in the first place.


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