The 2013 FA Cup Final: A Performance For The Ages From Wigan Athletic


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5 Responses

  1. SD says:

    Great article as always.

    Despite being a City fan [this final is typical City moment number 1,800,346,294,240 and counting], I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Wigan wanted it more than we did and turned up. We… just didn’t get going. Wigan’s play was pretty excellent I thought and they were fully deserved winners.

    Agree with you in that there is some slight reassurance that no matter how much money is thrown at City it still hasn’t totally changed the club’s character in some respects.

    Good to see a genuinely unusual Cup winner as well, and most importantly a final where the underdog took the game to their opponents – too many times the lesser team have played a bit timidly, but not today.

  2. SD says:

    Come to think of it, a factor in today’s result might have been that for Wigan, this game was an enjoyable holiday from a relegation battle in a way, so it was a moment of less pressure. WIth us it was the other way around as we wanted to end the season with some silverware other than the Community Shield.

  3. Graham says:

    As a Wigan fan I couldn’t be more pleased with our display. To the City fans at the game I think you were tremendous in defeat at what must have been a tough ask and I’m sure there are many more successes for you. Re the first part of the article I couldn’t agree more about the singing of Abide with me and the National Anthem surely even TV would rather 80K voices sang instead of 4 people wanting to show off

  4. Nathan says:

    Well done Wigan but Whelan and Abu Dhabi aren’t that much different, are they?

  5. Sanchez_76 says:

    As a dreamer and a romantic I thoroughly enjoyed the match and generally the occassion, City fans seemed fairly sporting about it which was very good to see. Thanks for the great review.

    By the way Nathan, you’re an idiot!

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