The Aldershot Phoenix Becomes Icarus As The AGM Cup Looms Again


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9 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    Aldershot were doomed before they travelled to Rotherham.

    Even if they had won there they depended on some rather unlikely results elsewhere too.

  2. Nathan says:

    Portsmouth and its trust have “proved” nothing yet.

    The blame for Aldershot’s current status lies squarely with the same good people who reformed the club but then allowed it to become the play-thing of the usual clueless and dishonest local “businessmen”.

  3. Andy says:

    As a Stockport County supporter I feel for you guys and no County fan I have spoken to would want a reprieve at the cost of another club that has been treated the way we were. So no we don’t want Aldershot to drop another division. Good Luck.

  4. mr x says:

    Is it me or are a lot of ‘football clubs’ increasingly vehicles for fraud?

  5. Walden Blue says:

    And again clubs who have kept their books balanced such as Bishop’s Stortford will suffer for the vanity of others. If Aldershot go into administration then for the third year running (Rushden, Kettering and now Aldershot) Stortford (within 2 miles of Londons third Airport) will be forced to play in the North.

  6. SW19 Womble says:

    Whichever way this pans out, I wish the best of luck to the fans of Aldershot’s football club.

  7. Mr X – as a result of the top clubs hoarding the gold that comes into the game, keeping it away from those at the foundations that their competition depends on,
    the financial model of lower league football is unsustainable in it’s own right. Most clubs need the help of a benefactor. The small number of these benefactors can mean clubs get desperate, and allow people into positions of power who frankly don’t deserve to be there.

  8. Nathan says:

    Walden, perhaps it’s easier to “keep the books balanced” when you run illegal airport car parks?

  9. Walden Blue says:

    Nathan – that was history, and we paid all the fines anyhow.

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