Context Lost In A Storm: On The PFA Awards Controversy


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8 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I went to one PFA dinner in the early 00s, and was appalled that when Jimmy Hill was being given a lifetime achievement award, most of the tables I was near were full of players taking the piss out of the size of his chin.

    Now, I’m not the hugest fan of Hill, especially his pronouncements on a good many issues, but christ, he’s been bloody influential in the game, and nowhere more so than in creating the world in which all these players are richer than the wildest dreams of people in Jimmy Hill’s day.

    That they couldn’t show respect for him was a) indicative b) sadly unsurprising and c) underscores what John says here.

  2. Rob says:

    Hear hear!!

  3. Dave says:

    I do feel the one thing that doesn’t get mentioned by anyone reporting on or from this event is that the FA came out and pretty much said that the term is unacceptable in any context. And John Terry, a member of the PFA, was punished for using the term under that direction (that context was completely immaterial, this was clearly stated by the FA). So with that in mind, it would seem pretty stupid and crass to have some comedian stand up on stage and throw that term about considering one of the PFA’s own number was punished under the terms that the term was unacceptable in any context. So for me the argument that this comedian was using the term this way of that doesn’t really hold any water. It was simply a stupid thing to do considering the audience and considering recent events.

  4. Ian S says:

    Dave, If the PFA were THAT concerned, they should never have booked Hunter at all, as if anyone has ever seen his stand up show will know it is not the same as his appearances on TV panel shows.

    In fact the PFA should be having a huge sigh of relief that he appeared on last week’s Have I Got News for You, and not this week’s edition where even more of their stupidity would have been exposed.

    I suspect that they went to an agent to book an act who had a TV profile, or left it all to the events organising company, and never gave it a second thought until 10pm on Sunday evening.

  5. Forbury Lion says:

    If they book a comedian next year I’ll bet good money they throw the N word into their act now on purpose.

  6. Ron Ipstone says:

    The PFA most certainly did know what they were getting when booking Reginald D Hunter for its gala beano. Hunter’s recent nationwide tours have been entitled “Pride and Prejudice…and Niggas” and “Trophy Nigga”, both of which seem to contain a poorly spelt version of what we must now call the N word. It also seems that when Hunter was booked he was warned that the use of “racist language” would not be appreciated by the PFA or the galaxy of stars attending its annual drinking contest.

    Anyway, if this is a non-story or a storm in a teacup, then we must ask ourselves why, Clarke Carlisle, the Chairman of the PFA has made the remarks he is reported to have made. Namely that Hunter’s act was embarrassing, it was a grave error of judgment for the PFA to have booked him in the first place and the PFA should reclaim Hunter’s (£10,000 + ) fee.

    It is Carlisle’s remarks which make the story. He feels that Hunter’s act contained offensive racist language in the use of the word nigga. I was not this event due to a prior and more important engagement, so unfortunately cannot tell which of Clarke Carlisle or the author of this article is correct in their respective interpretations of R D Hunter’s act.

  7. Ron Ipstone says:

    Nun, sollte er ohne Rassismus rassistische langugae die jeder hätte chuffed gekündigt haben.

  1. May 6, 2013

    […] Footballers‘ Association (PFA) eingeladen. Niemand interessierte sich für sein Programm, das laut Bericht eines Anwesenden Rassismus auf intelligente Weise anprangerte und dabei das N-Wort verwendete, um Rassismus […]

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