Donald Findlay’s Casebook, And How Supporters Direct Scotland Got It Right

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7 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    Some good points, but it must be noted that St Mirren and Ross County were right to vote the proposals down. Saints were keen, in particular, to see rules ensuring continuing youth development stay in place and rules ensuring financial fair play instated. Some clubs in the SPL who can’t seem to grasp the idea of paying out less in wages than they take in (Hearts and Aberdeen spring to mind) didn’t fancy this and wanted to carry on cheating. These clubs, having fouled up their finances, seem to think others are obligated to help bail them out. While I do not wish them to go to the wall, it would teach them a lesson if they had to tighten their belts and spend a while in the doldrums before rebuilding. The thought that they should have to do this never enters their heads and they think the game cannot live without them at the top (it can) hence we get the ‘it’ll be ARMAGEDDON!’ drivel we got last summer and are hearing again now.

  2. Steviemac says:

    Nice writing.

    Mr Findlay may well get a second chance to understand the mysteries of Rangers imploding in a financial mess. Eyes open Donald, don’t be busy singing or playing the flute and get distracted.

  3. tom connor says:

    no doubting donalds singing .i’m sure the pied piper lawell will have his flute out to try his warped magic on independant people

  4. philbadbhoy says:

    More anti Rangers guff…surprise surprise…just for the record Rangers have a bigger support than Septic…bith away and at home and in the country generally..and do not give me the global brand crap.

  5. gorscot says:

    Given that the SPL is an illegal cartel in terms of both UK and EU law, that they took
    actions against Rangers declared illegal in Scotlands highest court and others precluded by European Court judgements in relation to ‘trading’ within sport, and, further, the directors of the SPL ltd and all member clubs save Kilmarnock and, ironically, Celtic, knowingly breached the 2 cardinal rules of company directorship, and should, if they had but a grain of integrity, resigned, I find
    yourbiased defence thereof laughable and your attack on Donald Findlay distasteful.
    Until the canker at the top of Scottish football,- the belief that it is above the law, promoted by the corrupt head honcho Sepp. Blatter, is cut out, Scottish football is, sadly doomed!

    that the directorst

  6. Scott says:

    The obsessed cherry picking the parts they want to believe and trying to add structure to it. St Mirren and Ross County did not like the proposals ,in all fairness who does, they voted against it because they thought it was not the correct way forward . Finished .

    Question. Why was Milne so adamant that this was the way forward and why insist on the 11-1 voting system to stay in place why , and all ok with the sfa for him to publicly abuse a director of another club because of his belief that this was the correct way forward.It is hardly a democratic process. He only has to look in the mirror for his claims of hidden agendas.

  7. NumberNone says:

    If the two commenters above are any guide, it’s clear that Rangers supporters insist on having their own facts. So Mr Findlay’s comments can perhaps be seen as merely reflecting that somewhat negotiable relationship with reality. ;)

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