The Revisionism Of Ridsdale

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4 Responses

  1. John Beech says:

    Excellent piece Mark – the Spinmeister unspun!

  2. Luke says:

    Good read, though I think the hatchet job on Beckham need go no further than the original comparison.

  3. moethebarman says:

    “It’s a tale I’ve told before. I hope, for the sake of Preston fans, that I won’t have to tell it again”

    I’m not holding my breath…

    I agree with Luke too, bit harsh on Beckham.

  4. evilcherry says:

    Well said, but a choice between as a Barisan Nasional PR pawn and Ridsdale isn’t too hard for sane fans to choose.

    If the Malaysian elections were held at July I would be very sure that the Bluebirds will be taken there for a “friendly” match.

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