How Sunday Has Become A Day Of Reckoning For Stockport County


Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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7 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    But someone’s got to make room for sustainable and progressive clubs like Crawley and Fleetwood…

  2. mike says:

    I hope that comment is tongue in cheek – Crawley should by rights have been sent packing well before they rose to prominence in the Conference, due to dubious financial affairs & Fleetwood are riding on the back of one man’s money. As for County – I would be amused if they went down and Altrincham went up via the playoffs (not that I think that will happen); but I seriously wonder if they would remain in business if they were relegated.

  3. Sean of the Shed says:

    Stockport shouldn’t give up all hope just yet. My head says Tamworth should survive, but my tiny cold pessimistic dark heart says Kiddy and Woking coupled with our own ability to self-destruct will all conspire to dump us back in Conference North, and my heart can shout much louder than my head.

  4. Chris says:

    Is it me, or does every single article on the internet about a ‘fallen’ League club such as Bury or Stockport reference their relative position or results to Manchester City during the 1998-99 season?

  5. Sean of the Shed says:

    Except when they compare them to Man City in the 2001/02 season.

  6. Nathan says:

    Stockport fans will enjoy Conference North. It is full of well-run, sustainable and progressive clubs and represents the true heart of English football…

    Football is broken at virtually every level and no-one is doing anything about it.

  7. Sean of the Shed says:

    I should never listen to my heart. In the end Stockport’s 4-0 defeat was irrelevant, as ourselves, Gateshead and Lincoln all won. Shame the Stockport game was marred by crowd trouble.

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