Charles Green On STV: No “Nonsense”

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7 Responses

  1. NumbNuts says:

    See! *this* is why your site is so worth following. Excellent article, as always: analysis, facts, humour and rant-free.

  2. Excellent article.very well written .the downfall will happen.just a question of when.

  3. Tim Always says:

    Well written…factual…well done.
    Title your next article…
    The House of Cards…
    ‘Cos by then…
    ” There’ll be time enough for countin’…
    When the dealin’s done”….
    (With thanks to Kenny Rodgers).

  4. lobster_pink says:

    anyone know if the interview is on youtube yet? it sounds hilarious

  5. A quick question to those who’ve been following the case closer than I have.

    In that video (a fascinating watch) Green talks about the possibility of being voted out of his job and off the board if he doesn’t perform well enough.
    Are Rangers now genuinely fan-controlled, or is it that (as I suspect) it would be a vote where Green as majority shareholder will get whatever he wants?

  6. Mark Murphy says:

    Actually, neither. He’s a club employee, so the board can vote him off. Whether they will largely depends on the outcome of the club’s “””””””””””independent””””””””””” inquiry into his conduct.
    And he isn’t majority shareholder (only 7.79%), although I don’t blame you for assuming he is. He just acts like it.

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