Plymouth Argyle Remain A Work In Progress

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  1. Pete Gordon says:

    Mark there are far more worrying events going on at Argyle right now which include threats of violence, assaults, hiring of private investigators to find the home addresses of fans who are concerned about developments, and some pretty eye-opening behaviour from high profile fans such as the club president and unofficial commercial director Ian Newell.

    I have documented evidence of much of the wrong doing and am one of the people who have received threats of violence and had a private investigator hired to find where I live.

    My mothers name, address and telephone number were handed to Ian Newell on a supporters coach last year, while sat next to the club president, and Mr Newell has also been storing some amazing information on the lengths he is prepared to go to silence any critics of the Brent regime.

    I can forward some very interesting information if you would like to see it.

  2. Ian Newell says:

    Please note, this man is being reported again to the police for harassment of me, my family and my friends.

    I will say nothing more on the subject, let’s let the law do its bit.

    Sorry to involve anyone in this, but 20/30/40 E mails and enough is enough.

  3. Dominic Franklin says:


    I post on ATD and I’m not happy with everything at Argyle but even I recognise that the comment from Pete is madness.

    Countless times you have been told by fellow posters to go to the police but you haven’t. Put up or shut up.

    Whilst attacking fellow greens you forget to point out that you have been banned from Argyle previously, have a violent past, costume alcohols whilst minding your child and sit at home on the PC all day whilst your partner goes to work.

    Lighten up, get a job and get a life.


  4. Max says:

    Pete, whoever you are, whereever you are, you’re obviously wearing a tinfoil hat, preparing for the armegeddon and in need of your medication…

    Have a word with yourself.

  5. Mike Searle says:

    I’ve not been a personal victim of the abuse highlighted by Pete Gordon above but I know all about it. However all Argyle fans(reading the Argyle website now owned by Ian Newell) were victims of the deceit perpetrated by himself and the club president, Chris Webb, and other influential supporters. False accounts were set up to spread misinformation about members of the Argyle Football Trust. Indeed even a serving board director set up a false account to undermine a Trust leader.

    This sort of corruption and appalling behaviour appears to infest the club.

  6. Mike Newell says:

    I love sweets and chocolate. But more importantly, I love beer. Especially when I share it with other people by throwing it over them.

  7. Sting Curtain says:

    According to the ATD mods there is no Dominic Franklin registered on ATD so I would guess this is another troll account. Which two superfans are famous in Argyle Internetland for trolling accounts?

    Mr Newell held a Flickr account which published pasoti private messages, private and confidential emails, showed iPhone conversations where he requested that someone’s email was hacked into and held pictures of fans (there was hell of a lot more too). All very dubious and yet he becomes owner of pasoti and has access to more email addresses.

    This Greenjock seems unhinged but has endured a lot. The Private investigator allegations are true and have been admitted by former PASB member and London greens chairman, Jameson.

    I have also seen email conversations between greenjock and mr Newell’s son, where Newell junior makes a number of threats.

    There’s a lot of odd characters in Argyle Internet land and some go to extreme lengths. Mr Newell admitted paying £250 to create a spoof ATD website which labelled a woman poster as a whore, portrayed Greenjock as a layabout junkie and described the current leader of the AFT as a paedophile.

  8. Pete Gordon says:

    Some great comments here guys. Well done.

    I can back up everything I have said, like the assault in the business lounge by Pete Desborough on a fellow Argyle fan who asks awkward questions of the club, and the subsequent threats of violence by Ian Newell’s son Mike to the same fan in the business lounge, which by the way is already being investigated by the police and the club thanks Dominic.

    I drink whilst looking after my child? I drink so infrequently that is laughable and would never drink looking after a child. I sit on the PC all day and drink while my partner works? Absolute crap. My partner does not work and I certainly don’t sit on the PC all day like Mr Newell and his right hand man Ian De Lar who has admitted being the one who made the threats to me and the female members of my family, as well as admitting that a private investigator had been hired by Newell’s friends to track me down!

    A violent past? Pray do tell “Dominic” and a football ban for swearing I do admit and have no problem talking about, unlike Mr Newell who has been involved in several incidents such as threatening a steward at Home Park with violence, I would print what he actually threatened to do to the poor steward only I might have Mike Newell come after me. He did ask the steward if he knew who he was though, yes you’re Ian Newell who sits in the directors box at Argyle.

    An e-mail sent by Mike Newell after Ian Newell had given him my e-mail address: Ha mate I will find you!! And I will hurt hurt you!!!! That’s a fucking fact!!!! You horrible old man!

    But as Ian says everythignI say is complete rubbish. I’m looking forward to showing the police all of the e-mails I have received from Ian and Mike Newell, along with the text messages between me and Chris Webb where he once again blames Sean Rapson for being the one who made the threats.

    A private investigator, Tony Hooper according to Mr Newell and Chris Webb, was hired by another well known supporter, Lee Jameson, before they were both board members of the PASB representing supporters!

    I have several screenshots from Ian Newell’s Flickr account which he had set to public viewing. Amongst the very interesting things in those screenshots is a request by Ian Newell to have a virus planted in another Argyle fans e-mail account, a threat to Rick Cowdrey the club communication officer of what would happen if James Brent spoke to fans who post on ATD. Photographs of posters who use ATD, a request from James Brent to Ian Newell to have a bid on an auction item on Pasoti and a private conversation with Peter Ridsdale where PR talks about the reasons why Peter Reid left the club.

    Ian Newell first tried stitching me up about 18 months ago when he and Chris Webb were deflecting criticism on Pasoti about Tony Wrathall being invited to Home Park where he was wined and dined by Argyle staff who had gone months without pay, he even got to walk on the pitch that wasn’t paid for.

    Ian Newell and Chris Webb knew who had invited Mr Wrathall but kept lying on Pasoti about it because it was a friend of theirs, Pete Bresland, who Newell tried to get me to name online, so when I did and told everyone that the info came from him, he hastily contacted the mods on ATD as Mr Bresland he claimed was a nasty character who would come looking for him for naming him. He didn’t mind the fact that Mr Bresland, this dangerous character who frightened him, would come looking for me.

    For this Ian Newell’s way of apologising to me was to auction a shirt on Pasoti for the charity of the disease that my brother died of, but he got to say on Pasoti that it was all a mix up, and not the truth.

    If you are going to post lies “Dominic” who posts on ATD lol, you might do well to get your information correct.

    Ian Newell and the club president blamed the threats made to myself and the abuse given to Andy Symons the now Trust Leader, on Sean Rapson, an 18 yr old, at the time, club employee rather than admit the truth. The threats were that a P.I. had been hired to find me and my hometown was quoted along with the names of my disabled mother and my sister. These threats were made on an account called Greenman which has now been attributed to Ian De Lar, another good friend of the club president and Ian Newell, and the site manager of Pasoti.

    Mr De Lar has said that he didn’t actually make the threats but others did, others who he is covering up for and afraid to name, because they have more to lose than he does.

    Ian Newell also created a spoof site, ADT, along with Darren Daz Desmond, a “former” Pasoti mod and Darren James, the designer of the murals at Home Park who is getting plenty of work through the club and Pasoti. This site labelled people paedophiles, junkies and whores. I have evidence of the site’s creation and Mr Newell admitting to me his involvement. Again he says not the nasty stuff though, he’s always around the nasty stuff, along with Chris Webb, but doesn’t know who does it.

    So slate me all you like chaps. One piece of advice though is don’t leave too many personal details with Pasoti, such as paying for anything by Paypal where they get your address, in case you ever fall out with Mr Newell and he decides to use it against you. Like he saved the evidence that Warren Wozzer Bowden, a then Trust board member, was attacking the other Trust members on Pasoti under yet another anonymous account shared by many, Deepthroat, so despite being a great friend of Wozzer’s, Ian had the proof saved for prosperity, to use in future if required.

    That’s just a snippet of the way things are at Argyle, but remember as Peter Jones says, if you don’t like it toddle off and buy a United shirt.

    My tin hat is quite capable of taking the abuse, even when you are using lies and a small child to discredit me, why not e-mail me “Dominic” and I’ll send you copies of all of the evidence of this, see if you’re quite so enamoured by Newell and his friends then.

    Not afraid to use my real name Pete Gordon

  9. Pete Gordon says:

    Oh and why don’t you ask Jon Back, a respected PASB member who works in the Police force, who threatened him by PM on Pasoti and what they insinuated would happen if he kept posting on ATD, while he was a candidate for the PASB.

    Pasoti is run by a clique of Brent mouthpieces who have been rewarded for their part in getting him the highly lucrative gig as club owner who wouldn’t have to pay out very much but would rake in millions out of developing the area with a substandard new stand for Argyle that only a few fans are happy with. Coincidentally the fans who are happy all seem to be associated with Pasoti and Ian Newell.

    Chris Webb the fans darling could not wait to jump ship and join Mr Brent when he was Trust leader, another Deepthroat poster Mr Webb by the way, and will not criticise or hear a word against him, why is that do you think?

    Amazing that Ian De Lar, Postey the site administrator on Pasoti, didn’t want James Brent to take over and was highly critical on ATD of Mr Brent’s bid, along with insinuating that Trust Leaders
    may have rolled over and given Mr Brent an easy ride for a reason.

    Postey soon changed his mind though after hearing Ian Newell’s proposals and lo and behold he cancels his ATD account and pops up on Pasoti as a mod and is now the site manager who has joined Ian Newell in the directors box.

    Got to keep these people sweet to ensure than any criticism of Brent is snuffed out quickly.

  10. John Matthews says:

    I am not a Plymouth fan but my friend at uni is and he has been telling me that Plymouth is bent from the top to the bottom.

  11. Dominic Franklin says:

    An absolute fruitcake.

  12. Pete Gordon says:

    Ah so you don’t want the evidence Dominic? Of course you don’t. You don’t want to know the truth about the superfans do you? Ian Newell and Chris Webb are amazing people who have never done any of the things mentioned lol.

    Ask Jon Back the PASB member who was spoken to by them about what might happen to his chances of making the PASB if he continued posting on ATD? Are you calling Jon Back a liar?

    Are you saying that Le Jameson never hired Tony Hooper to get my address and ended up giving Ian Newell my mothers name, address and telephone number?

    Or is Postey, Ian De Lar lying and it wasn’t him who made numerous threaqts and knew all about the private investigator business? Who quoted my mother and sister’s names to me?

    The only fruitcakes are the sheep who take everything these scumbags say as gospel and turn a blind eye to their bullying and intimidation. Ian Newell’s son and his mate Pete Desborough have attacked a fellow Argyle fan twice now in the business lounge, threw a drink over him last year and last week verballed abused and threatened him. Mike Newell had to be pulled away by his father.

    This is because the person who got attacked posts awkward questions on Pasoti and on ATD. It was witnessed by at least a dozen other Argyle fans, the intimidation and abuse suffered by a corporate guest because Ian Newell doesn’t like this person.

    Ask Sean Rapson about him getting blamed for making the threats and hiring the P.I. when all along he knew sod all about it “Dominic”

    Or what about Peggy Prior? A lifelong supporter who volunteered her services for years to write for the matchday programme, free of course,who usually sat in the Devonport End where Chris Webb put the Forza Verde so she made a comment about it on ATD, then Chris Webb suggests to the board that she isn’t the sort of person who should be writing for the programme and she was removed.

    Or what about the Pasoti poster who dared to speculate along with many others as to who the next manager might be as Fletcher was doing so badly? The next thing he is told his services as a voluntary coach to the Argyle ladies team is no longer required.

    Or John Petrie the former Trust leader who Peter Jones compiled a dossier on and had screenshots of JP’s facebook pages as he was slightly critical of the club? Then the club stop talking to the Trust completely.

    I suppose all these people are lying “Dominic”?

    I suppose Chris Webb didn’t post that Damon Lesnzer wasn’t fit and proper for the PASB even though he was quite willing to work with him on the contingency committee and is quite happy for Tony Hooper Snooper and Lee Jameson to represent fans on the PASB?

    There are an awful lot of liars “Dominic” almost as many as posted under protected anonymous accounts on Pasoti such as Deepthroat to try and undermine the Trust who were the only threat to James Brent riding roughshod and getting whatever he wanted.

    The Trust has been attacked by Webb, Newell, Postey and their followers like Jameson and even a serving member of the Trust board in Wozzer Bowden, so that it became diluted and the Brent backed PASB could take it’s place and sit their nodding compliantly to everything James and Co will let them know.

    The grandstand and development plans are not that beneficial to Argyle. It means a maximum capacity of 17,500 before segregation, and the pathetic attempts to justify this by saying the horseshoe can be built on do not take into account the fact that there will be a sodding great road behind the horseshoe meaning no extension could go there.

    Anyone disagreeing with these plans is lied about and called tree huggers by Ian Newell, apparently they are trying to get the current Mayflower stand listed? Absolute crap as usual from Newell, who is nothing more than James Brents and Nik Barron’s mouthpiece.He’s got his AAA pass and seat in the directors box, Webb has his president title and Postey has been handed the job of running Pasoti, do you honestly think they are going to criticise the plans and lose their perks?

    Get real people, Pasoti is now the club’s PR vehicle and the people who run Pasoti are James Brent’s friends.

    I’ve no doubt that I will be threatened again by these people but so what? Someone has to stick up to these people. Baba who is one of the best known posters on Pasoti but he does ask some awkward questions, as well as posting on ATD, was the person who had a drink thrown over them in the business lounge by Pete Desborough, great friend of Ian Newell, and he was attacked again last week because Mike Newell thought I was with him.

    Sorry to Baba for revealing this but until these people are stopped and brought to task they will continue to threaten and bully anyone who crosses them.

  13. Mike Searle says:

    I believe it was Ian Newell himself, on his website, that predicted violence if people didn’t tow his line.

  14. Gluten Three says:

    First up, nice article. the comments highlight just how shambolic the situation is off-pitch, the lack of leadership at the club in the form of a CEO has created a vacuum which has hoovered up some unsavoury characters like Newell.

  15. Neil says:

    Some of the innermost characters associated with PAFC are an utter disgrace and should be exposed for what they are, using charity functions and auctions will NEVER be tolerated as a smokescreen for what has gone on.

  16. Dominic Franklin says:

    Jock you are a fruitcake as simple as that.

    Report it to the police, front the people up yourself or shut up.

    Get a bloody life your missus must love you there all day everyday saying the same things over and over again. A bet you are a barrel of laughs.

  17. Mike Searle says:

    ‘Dominic’ i’ll be the first to admit that Jock can be well OTT at times but I also firmly believe he’s well intentioned at heart. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose in respect of credibility by stating what he does. The person with most to lose if and when the ‘truth’ is ever verified and most to gain by discrediting Jock is Ian Newell (& co). I hope it is. And soon.

  18. Sammy says:

    One big inaccuracy in the article, “capacity increased to 17.5k”. The capacity is at 16k only beacuse the front tier of the old grandstand has had its seating removed, which could easily be replaced meaning the true capacity of the stadium is actually just short of 20000. the new stand design is an absolute joke and shows just how much Brent cares about the progress of the club. It will be financially unviable to ever extend it beyond its present amount, which is insufficient for our gates at championship level, the division Brent supposedly wants us to play in.. the board now refuse to speak to our trust because they dared critise how badly we have been run as a club, great “supporter engagement”

    We now need to get the “reluctant” Brent the hell out of Home Park, but who would we get in? any chance of trust ownership looks ruined by all of the Janner politics that has taken place, plain for all to see in the comments above. Brent has appointed certain fans as his milk-monitors, and they enjoy wearing their shiny new sashes around the home park corridors. so they clearly don’t want the club run by the trust, and its all this petty janner rubbish that has ruined any hope of this club being properly fan owned. Portsmouth we aint, we didn’t pull together. Well we did briefly then Brent cynically carved us up with bizarre appointments of certain fans and the creation of a useless supporters board whilst sidelining the trust.

    Pete Gordon; you have obviously suffered some shoddy treatment. No one would make up detailed stuff like that, so I don’t think he’s a “fruitcake” or whatever. but by getting this riled you’re playing into other people’s hands. life is too shortt

  19. Dominic Franklin says:


    That’s great but the bottom line is what Pete is saying is true then the police should be involved. To me the fact that after months and possibly years of him banging on he won’t do that – on that basis I conclude its rubbish.

    Go on Pete prove me wrong – or get a life

  20. Sting Curtain says:

    Its noticeable that “Dominic Franklin’s” posts co-incide with Mr Newell posting on pasoti. Surely Mr newell isn’t up to his old trolling games again? remember he was deep throat, Deadly lampshade, greenman, mouth of the plym, sting curtain, Myotts, porkus, eastleigh green, Mod Bod and many more on Pasoti, ATD and Exeweb.

    The bloke (Porkus) has over 10k posts on Exeweb FFS (this doesn’t even include the multi accounts)! He lives on the internet!

  21. Pete Gordon says:

    “Dominic” The police are now involved and I still know that it is the truth.

    Roger Willis, Babarabacuda or however it is spelled, has now been assaulted, where he had a drink thrown over him by Pete Desborough, Ian Newell’s very good friend, and threatened several times by the same person and Mike Newell, for supposedly being a friend of mine and, his words, an “Educated wanker”.

    Basically he is asking too many awkward questions that Mr Newell and James Brent don’t need right now.

    So “Dominic” you answer me this, do you think that it is ok for a harmless man, a lifelong Argyle fan to be subjected to these threats and assaults because he happens to have an alternative point of view from Ian Newell and James Brent?

    Is it ok for me to receive numerous threats of violence from cowards who use anonymous accounts? Who have named my mother and sister to make the threats seem more sinister?

    Ian De Lar has admitted on Pasoti that he took part in the Greenman account where the threats were made, but says that he wasn’t the one who actually made threats, so probably just investigated me and found out my mother’s name, and my sisters eh Postey? Oh and of course Postey won’t name the others involved in the account, as they have too much to lose don’t they?

    Lee Jameson has admitted hiring a private investigator to get my address, but won’t name the P.I. Ian Newell and Chris Webb both say 100% that the P.I. involved is Tony Hooper, a bloody PASB member representing Argyle fans. Is that ok too Dominic?

    Is it also ok for Chris Webb and Ian Newell to blame the Greenman threats on Sean Rapson, who at the time was 18 years old? He knew nothing about it so why do you think these two highly respectable people are naming him as the scrotum who made the threats when all along it was Ian De Lar and his friends?

    You believe what you want but I know this is all true, same as the messages where Jon Back tells me that he has received various messages on Pasoti insinuating that it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep posting on ATD. Puts the election under scrutiny if you ask me. Threats made to one of the candidates who luckily still gained enough non-Pasoti clan votes to get elected.

    Tony Hooper, ask him about the P.I. business anyone, try asking on Pasoti, I’m sure the posts will remain for all of 30 seconds before the thread is cleansed and posters warned or even banned.

    This is the behaviour of the high profile fans at Argyle, who drive James Brent to games and sit with him in the directors box. Great move making Chris Webb president by the way James, better to have a threat like him inside the tent pissing out eh?

    Chopped the Trust off at the knees by taking the one person who united the fans during administration and could count on huge support via the Trust, and made him one of his own, very smart move.

    Now “Dominic” if you don’t like these details coming out about your friends, toddle off and buy a United shirt, there’s a good lad.

  22. Dominic Franklin says:

    Basically then Pete that’s a no. All mouth. Put your tin foil hat back on and dream up some more rubbish. What a bloody weirdo

  23. Sting Curtain says:

    Good Reply Dominic/ Ian- what are you auctioning next? Will it be next season’s argyle shirt (sponsored by FES)?

  24. James "da boss" Brent says:

    Right then you lot, anymore of this and i’ll sell the club to Ken Bates.

  25. Pete Gordon says:

    Really great defence their “Dominic” just about akin to “Whatever”

    So if I’m this deranged person with such a history of violence, doesn’t that make Chris Webb and Ian Newell even bigger scumbags when they blamed the threats against me on an 18 yr lad in Sean Rapson? Surely if I’m that dangerous and violent they wouldn’t be so low as to try and blame someone who I would go after? I’m so violent and deranged it’s lucky Sean Rapson is still alive today.

    Utter scum the pair of them, and their friends “Dominic” who I suspect strongly is Ian De Lar posting once again from an alias, because that’s about all you’re man enough to do Postey.

    If I was some deranged nutter I would hardly post this under my own name.

    If the Newells and Pete Desborough think it’s normal behaviour what they have inflicted on Roger Willis, then beware anyone else who crosses them is all I can say.

    Send me your details Dominic and I’ll forward you their cowardly blaming of it all on an innocent young man. I have e-mails and text messages that show they did blame him.

    Or do you want the e-mails where Mike Newell has threatened to “Fucking find you and hurt you” sent to me because I criticised his father for sending a white feather to an Argyle fan battling cancer. Whaddaguy Newell is eh?

  26. Dominic Franklin says:

    Have any of the people you mention ever had a football banning order like you?

    Have any of the people you mentioned had to delete Internet postings because they made vile drunken threats like you?

    Have any of the people you mentioned sat at home on the Internet all day while their wife went to work like you?

    Oh but yes you are right you are perfectly normal. Get a life you sad mug.

  27. Pete Gordon says:

    Great comeback again “Dominic” A football ban for swearing, is that as bad as Ian Newell threatening the stewards, something he openly admits to , just like I have never hidden my football ban Postey.

    My wife? Haven’t seen her for around 8 years, my partner? she doesn’t work now Postey as I have a bad illness and she looks after our child.

    Vile drunken threats Ian? I don’t drink, already told you that, and if I was going to make threats like you are so fond of I wouldn’t delete them. What’s it like to threaten women Postey? How low can you go? Lower than a snakes belly in your case. Sad, sad cowardly creep.

  28. Pete Gordon says:

    It does also beg the question “How do you know” Dominic? and you seem to know an awful lot about me for someone not involved.

    You just happened upon details about me did you? Albeit that they’re completely wrong and a pathetic attempt to discredit me :D

  29. Argyletillicry says:

    Dominic: By the time Banning orders were used as a deterent. Ian was retired.

  30. Andy says:

    So yet again this Ian Newell character is trying to deny any wrong doing yet the evidence is pretty damming.

    The Newell files anyone?

    Sending private messages around his forum undermining two trust board members when they were newly appointed.

    Setting up the famous deepthroat account on Pasoti.

    I have no doubt in my mind that what Pete has said is totally true. If it isn’t then I expect we’ll be hearing that Pete has been taken to court.

    There’s no smoke without fire as they say, and that’s an awful lot of smoke there for someone to make up.

  31. Voice of Reason says:

    This “debate” doesn’t do our club ANY favours. Pete Gordon goes way over the top. Instead of spreading your rants all over the internet (and by the way they are convincing – nobody would go to the efforts that you do unless it was justified. Your posts are so consistent that the substance of them must be accurate) shut the fuck up and take them to court.

    It does show how divided the active fans are and the dirty games that have been played behind the scenes. There is NO WAY that James Brent and his board don’t know about all this. It must be in their control to banish the malignant oaf who runs pasoti from the directors’ box. Why don’t they? Some would say that it suits their agenda to have complacent supporters who are being fed an “all is well” line. I wouldn’t know. But the members of the board are certainly damned by association.

    I believe James Brent appears to be putting little or no money into the club. He is making loans. That is building up the club debt. He has done it to sweeten the City Council who, in turn, lifted covenants on the adjacent land which enable Brent to build money-making developments for his pension fund. The apparent refusal of the council to do anything about Brent using council land within the proposed new grandstand to further add to his wealth is yet to be challenged by our political representatives. The local press seem to be quiet about all this.

    “Work in progress”? Possibly. It may only be some time in the future when we can truly judge James Brent’s contribution to Argyle. From where I am sitting, it doesn’t look good.

  32. Jamesy says:

    In every divisive, troublesome event that occurs re PAFC, there’s one constant every time – Newell and his bouncer De-Lar.

    Karma collects.

  33. Winsor Boy says:

    Voice of Reason I agree with everything you have written above, but for paragraph one. We are waiting with bated breath to see if the Farm owner comes back with this top-notch lawyer.
    Brent Puppets, which includes (Web, PL2 face, Porky, Jameson and others) are there to galvanise the fan base, to round them up and heard them like sheep into Brent’s pen. But the sheep is not toeing the line so the dogs of war is let loose.

  34. Porkus says:

    It’s a fair cop, I done it.

  35. Exasperated Janner says:

    For the sake of the repute of the club, Newell and Webb need to be booted out of the director’s box, enough is enough. If that stuff about the 18 year old employee is true then it’s absolutely sick, and takes the shine off all the work done fundraising for staff. This club is bent and needs fixing.

  36. Ian Do Dar says:

    Plymouth Argyle has been the plaything of devisive fans and their controllers for too long now, PASOTI is a place for the controlled use of the fans that Brent and his boys deem fit to spread the word, all other views are deleted or the poster banned. Ian Newell has kept dossiers on other fans for a long time. My name along with about forty other Argyle fans was published on the internet along with screenshots from PASOTI showing me arguing with Ian Newell online, he also threatened me with a fight, when I said bring it on he went quiet and I got banned from PASOTI. My contact details and email address where then posted on Flicker for all to see, as a result of this I had my email address book hacked and a virus planted on my computer! I have no proof that Ian Newell planted the virus but the fact that he illegally held my details on his “hit list” and then subsequently published them made it very easy for anyone to do.
    James Brent you are being judged by the company that you keep, take a look at yourself will you?

  37. windsor boy says:

    The farm boss is running scare, keeping is rhetoric going, I am innocent, no police, not many backing him, he been found out because he cannot control this site, that why Plymouth fans should join the only independence web site for Argyle fans. You will not be deleted or banned if your views are different from the club or their lap dogs

  38. Greenman says:

    What poppycock!

  39. Porkus says:

    This website is inhabited by freaks and weirdos, I forbid any genuine Argyle fans from ever logging on to it.

  40. therealdsg says:

    Interesting and informative article. As pertains the comments … we all support the same team, can’t we all just get along?!

  41. Pete Gordon says:

    Well this is an e-mail I’ve sent to James Greenacre at Argyle who is investigating the incidents.

    I’m not asking for much other than to guarantee the safety of a guy who is being harassed and bullied because he feels that he has the right to question what is happening at the club these days. If there were more people like Roger Willis around 2 or 3 years ago then the club probably wouldn’t have ended up in the state it did, but now the people who pertain to have the clubs best interests at heart have looked into the new owners eyes and can tell that he’s totally honourable, and definitely not in it solely for the property deal.

    In fact his lip has been known to quiver at certain times if you believe his chauffeur and right hand man Ian Newell.

    So this is what I want a repsonse to from the club and from those involved in these incidents.

    For a fruitcake “Dominic” I think that my demands are quite ordinary and quite sensible, don’t you agree?

    I also want apologies from Tony Hooper, private investigator who is a member of the Plymouth Argyle Supporters Board, who have been set up to liaise with the club board and represent the fans, despite there already being a Fans Trust in place which helped Mr Brent to achieve the takeover in the first place and which was led by the now club president Chris Webb,who has gone from being a fans friend critical of the board to a company man in the blink of an eye.

    I also want an apology from Ian De Lar, Postey the site manager of PASOTI, Plymouth Argyle Fans On The Internet to interested viewers in far flung places according to the erudite X-Isle who has telepathic powers and can tell what James Brent is thinking all the way from Crawley, who has admitted being behind the account named Greenman which was used to threaten me and named the female members of my family sinisterly.

    Mr De Lar has also said that he took part in the Greenman account along with others he won’t name, but didn’t actually make the threats to me.

    An all too familiar story as the club president has previously admitted taking part in two accounts on Pasoti which were used to attack the Trust he used to lead, but he also says that he didn’t post any of the attacking posts!

    So here we go, and I await news of the repsonse from the club who are investigating the assaults and abuse of Roger Willis in their hospitality suite, and from the people named who carried out the abuse.

    Addressed to James Greenacre the hospitality manager who is investigating the incidents.

    Hi James,

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    The drink throwing incident happened quite a while ago now while the club were in administration. It occurred on the day that Mr Newell and his friends “stormed the boardroom” as they like to boast about.

    The latest incident took place after the Exeter game when Mr Desborough went for Roger Willis and was threatening amongst other things to rip his head off! The whole thing was witnesses by a barman who threatened to call security if Mr Desborough and Co. didn’t back off and calm down. A further incident happened a little while later when Mike Newell also started shouting abuse at Mr Willis and threatening him again. Ian Newell had to pull his son away from Roger and friends table. I don’t know the name of the barman who intervened but it shouldn’t be too difficult to ascertain who it was.

    I won’t divulge who’s party Roger was with because they are also understandably reticent about having their identities revealed in case they are also subjected to similar abuse. I will say that the person who Roger was a guest of has a package hospitality deal and is considering pulling the plug on further packages unless assurances are given that this kind of thing will not happen in future to Roger or anyone else for that matter.

    I don’t think that’s asking too much.

    Roger is a lovely guy who is not a trouble-maker in any way. He would never court a confrontation and especially not with two people who are nothing more than thugs. The cause of the trouble runs much deeper than this and is part of a long running feud between Mr Newell and his friends with people who disagree with the way he bullies and intimidates peopel on a regular basis.

    I have offered to meet with Mr Newell and a mediator to sort this out because I have been the victim of it myself with threats of violence from his son and some of Mr Newell’s friends who do it under a pseudonym. I had a private investigator hired to find out where I live for instance. The private investigator, Tony Hooper who is another regular in the hospitality lounge, gave out my 63 yr old mothers private details to Mr Newell and his friends, which is common knowledge amongst Argyle fans, and have been threatened with a gang coming to my home with baseball bats, and at the same time the person making these threats named my mother and sister to make the threats more sinister.

    Ian De Lar, yet another friend of Mr Newell’s and once again a regular in the hospitality suite has confessed online to being the one who set up the account to make the threats to me and for saying some of the things, but he says it was two others who actually made the threats of physical violence.

    I have no doubt who the others were who actually made the threats but they are more high profile than Mr De Lar and have too much to lose by being named.

    This is all madness and has to stop. I have proposed to Mr Newell that if his son and Pete Desborough give apologies in writing and assurances that they will refrain from any behaviour like this in future, that it will be the end of the matter. Roger Willis doesn’t deserve this treatment and nor do guests who pay handsomely for hospitality packages.

    Roger is a seson ticket holder at Argyle and has been for many years and right now he is too afraid to attend games!

    I know that Ian Newell is a high profile fan and does a lot of good work for the club, and is indeed counted as a personal friend of James Brent’s, but that does not give him or his friends and family the right to treat people who have opposing views to him in this way. Roger does contribute to online fan forums and does ask some questions about the current club board and owner, but he does this as a concerned fan who doesn’t want to see the club suffer as it did previously. Not everyone has the privelige of the inside information that Ian Newell is party to, so I think it is entirely reasonable that questions are asked about the current regime.

    This is done in a non-confrontational manner and with respect, but for some reason Mr Newell will not accept any questioning or criticism of James Brent or the club board even though we are languishing near the foot of the fourth division.

    If this is the way that any fan who Ian Newell and Co. disagree with is treated, and they way I have been treated myself, then you are losing fans at a rate of knots, including fans who buy your corporate packages.

    I hope that you are able to get to the bottom of this and are able to get the written apologies and assurances that I want for Mr Willis. If not I will give all of the details to the press who will air this to a much wider audience, and I’m pretty sure that will not be good for business.


    P. Gordon

  42. Rob Martin says:

    I was the gentleman who invited Roger into the business lounge for the Exeter game and have done so on numerous times having been a guest of the Company concerned who sponsored the table, South West Fires and Flues, and also when I have taken tables and sponsored games myself – Gillingham – this season. We also both have advertising boards around the ground. What happened after the Exeter game is pretty spot on and even I was threatened by Newells boy, although he put that down to mistaken identity afterwards. This happened after the game when Newell snr came down from the boardroom and must have wagged his finger at our table to his sub lieutenants to attack. What was so mad about it was that he then turned peacemaker when I took offence and dragged his son, daughter and others away. Their table was rowdy all day and were singing “we’re all on the piss again”. Not the best behaviour but sadly tolerated by the stewards.
    I was also there when the drink incident occurred and followed Mr Newell calling Baba an educated wanker. To much beer had flowed that day for me to identify anyone but I was sober at Exeter due to illness.
    I am not an Internet keyboard warrior, this is the first time that I have posted anything. My main passions apart from my family are business, Argyle and beer. The business lounge should be the perfect arena for those activities but their boorish, thuggish behaviour ruined what should have been a perfect day.
    I will be at the South west fires and flues table again on Saturday should anyone want to question me about it.
    Wthout knowing the guy,I had a respect for Ian Newell as a doer and one of the saviours of PAFC but incidents like this can’t do him or James Brent any favours.

  43. Pete Gordon says:

    So a couple of days have passed and Mr Newell keeps saying my claims are “vile accusations” despite the fact that I have shown the evidence several times, but strangely he won’t answer which allegations are untrue, and indeed I have e-mails from him confirming some of the allegations, and he won’t deny the incidents where Roger Willis has been assaulted and threatened by his son and a friend.

    Despite these all being “vile accusations” he’s agreed to meet up with me to sort it all out, but won’t agree to let me post the evidence on Pasoti, or have someone post them on my behalf as I’m banned from that site, which would show I’m not lying.

    So here’s the e-mails from Mike Newell threatening me:

    Mike Newell (mike****** 12/10/2012
    To: pete gordon

    Ha mate I will find you!! And I will hurt hurt you!!!! That’s a fucking fact!!!! You horrible old man!

    Sent from my iPhone

    On 12 Oct 2012, at 23:03, pete gordon wrote:

    I’m not fucking harassing your old man, and if you don’t speak to him what the fuck do you care? I e-mailed him because he sent a white feather to an old man dying of cancer, so get off your high horse and maybe ask your dad about the P.I. hired to find me, the threats made to me and my family including an 18 month old baby.

    Ask him about calling people paedophiles, slags, junkies and whores on the website he set up.

    He’ll tell you the same bullshit he tells everyone else. He’s misquoted, he’s never done anything wrong blah blah blah.

    Now fuck off you’re getting on my tits.

    It’s not nice finding out your dads a cunt, but he is. Shit happens

    From: mike*****
    Subject: Re: Well sunshine!!
    Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 22:59:12 +0100
    To: jock******

    Well mate!!! I don’t talk to my dad but when people call me and tell me that my family are being harassed I don’t like that! So I think me and should meet!

    Sent from my iPhone

    On 12 Oct 2012, at 22:50, pete gordon wrote:

    You fucking dare me what sunshine! Tell your dad to stop being a prick and he might not get the bad press he gets. Sent a man dying of cancer a white feather calling him a coward. Nice bloke your dad.

    I suggest you don’t believe all your old mans bullshit. He’s a fucking mental case who loves bullying people, except in the past he’s blamed it on you lol.

    So you’ve had one more e-mail shitforbrains, and if I have any more of your dad’s crap, threats etc. he’ll keep hearing from me. Especially if he’s going to carry on bullying an old man dying of cancer.


    > Subject: Well sunshine!!
    > From: mike******
    > Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 22:29:42 +0100
    > To: Jock********
    > Hello!!!!
    > Leave my family alone! One more email I fucking dare you!!!
    > Sent from my iPhone

    Then there are the e-mails between us where he talks about why he blamed the 18 yr old club employee for the Greenman account, which made the threats to me. The club president Chris Webb also agreed it was Sean Rapson and I have a text message from him confirming it was the young lad. The fact that one of their best friends, Ian De Lar, has admitted to it and they would have known it was Ian De Lar all along, and it’s still a mystery who their friend was sharing the account with and who he is protecting, just makes their lies all the more sly.

    These e-mails also show that we spoke on the telephone, another thing that Mr Newell denies for some strange reason, refer to the spoof site ADT which was set up specifically to attack users of Argyle Talk Democratic, and talk about his telling Tony(Hooper) and Lee(Jameson) that it stank, the private investigator who gave my mothers details to him on board the supporters coach last season.

    If all of my claims are bullshit and I’m a fruitcake, what do these e-mails refer to and why will he not let me post these details on Pasoti?

    You decide.

    If he still refuses to get his son and friend to make the apology and assure Roger Willis that he won’t be attacked again, the next thing I will do on here is post parts of his Flickr account which prove he set up the ADT site and was the one who invited Dane Bunney to join in with the attacks against ATD posters, which he now denies, show him pressurising Rick Cowdrey, the Argyle communications officer, into calling off a planned Q and A between James Brent and ATD, show him ordering a “hit” on an Argyle fans e-mail address so that a virus could be planted in it, and some pretty disturbing screenshots of text messages, e-mails, photo’s of ATD posters, address searches of ATD posters, and a whole raft of information from Pasoti where it is obvious that he was using the proof to have something against various people he could use against them in future, some of whom are his friends.

    All I want is the written apologies and assurances that no further harm or threats will be made to Roger Willis Ian, is that asking too much in return for me not dragging your name and reputation through the mud any further?

    Take a look at the e-mails and decide if the claims I have made are real or not?

    Ian Newell (m***** to contacts 07/08/2012
    To: pete gordon


    I actually said it was not you, but others doing the hounding. I truly believe you and I are very similair, it’s just you have the stirrers yanking your chain.

    I asked Chris in the Green Room on Friday afternoon, and then asked Sean for myself, on the Saturday afternoon as he was serving in the Fanfest.

    I would have preferred, amongst other things, you had not repeated the ‘GT Groupie’ comment, as it was just an expression and I thought that it might have been a reason for doing what I thought he’d done. Now that we both know it wasn’t him, it was just colatarell (sp?) damage, that I would have hoped you wouldn’t want to inflict.

    Imagine what I feel like, tarred with this shit, like I’m tarred with most of it, having nothing to do with it, apart from telling Lee and TC that I thought it stank, and still, I’m being drawn into the ATD shit.

    Not clever is it?

    Ian Newell
    From his Mac Book Pro.

    On 7 Aug 2012, at 13:57, pete gordon wrote:

    That doesn’t explain the conversation in the Green Room where Chris confirmed to people it was Sean after speaking to him. Sorry Ian I’m recalling our conversation because it is being made to look like I am lying, and I have never lied about any of this. Your comment on Pasoti makes out you are being hounded be me and that I am lying to people about what you have told me. That’s not how the conversation went at all.
    From: m*****
    Subject: Re: ATD
    Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 13:53:14 +0100
    To: jock*****

    No, I don’t believe he is.

    I caught up with him on Saturday, asked him to his face, and he completely denied it was him. I totally believe him.

    I was always told it was him, and I’m bemused as you are.

    I’ve no idea who that bloke was, it certainly wasn’t me.

    You’re not being played by me.

    It’s a shame you divulged what I talked about, I would never do that, but I suppose it’s the way you try to force the truth out of people, and it has worked thus far.

    With regard to the Dane Bunney thing, I did text him, told him to join, but then changed my mind later in the day, as I know what he’s like. Why not believe me? You have the truth, but again, as I said, people are winding you up.

    I’ve nothing to hide, nothing.

    I apologised to Sean, I always thought it was him, because I was told it was him. When I found out on Saturday, I thought ‘Oh shit”, then I decided to let sleeping dogs (or Jocks) lie, I didn’t want to get you whipped up again.

    There you have it.

    Ian Newell
    From his Mac Book Pro.

    On 7 Aug 2012, at 13:44, pete gordon wrote:

    No Ian I don’t. You said all of the things I have posted and I’m being played by you. I can’t be fucked with it all but either Sean Rapson is a lying little shit or you have fed me a load of bull

    From: m****
    Subject: Re: ATD
    Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 10:52:30 +0100
    To: jock*****

    Do you want to ring me again?

    Ian Newell
    Via his iPhone 4s

    On 3 Aug 2012, at 20:25, Ian Newell wrote:

    I was in the shower, try again Pete.

    On 3 Aug 2012, at 19:51, pete gordon wrote:

    I’m just getting the little un ready for bed and I’ll call you when I’ve done that. I’ll withhold my number though. Give me a clue what it’s about. I’ve been in the park with my boy for a while and hadn’t seen anything other than the usual before then.


    From: m****
    Subject: ATD
    Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 19:24:54 +0100
    To: jock****

    If you want to give me a call, I’m on 07*** ******

    Ian Newell
    From his Mac Book Pro

  44. Peggy Prior says:

    Rob Martin – Many thanks for your post confirming that we’re not just a bunch of freaks and weirdos, but that what we’ve been saying is true.

    The sooner all this stuff stops – and by that I don’t mean gets swept under the carpet yet again, but stops for good – the better.

  45. alanno says:

    Thanks for that statement Rob.
    Hopefully more people will now realise whats going on.Maybe some of the sponsors could start to ask some questions to the Argyle board about all these activities.
    Im sure it isnt a good image to portray for any business.

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