A Gamble, Wrapped Up In A Gamble, Inside A Gamble: Di Canio To Sunderland


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4 Responses

  1. Joe in Vancouver says:

    If you read ALL of PDC’s “My life speaks for me” interview I think you will find he is a deeply thoughtful man. Ever since he gave this serious interview various elements of the media have taken small snippets from it and tried to harm PDC with the conclusions they reach from these out of context excerpts. All they do for me is further prove that the UK media is lower than the low.
    When he left Swindon he did so on his own terms after he had been atrociously undermined by the club ownership. He retained his dignity at all times.
    I think he (PDC) deserves a lot of respect which leads me to believe and hope that he will do well at Sunderland and in his future as a whole.

  2. NumberNone says:

    The trouble with the ‘out of context’ argument is that it doesn’t apply to statements that are unacceptable in any context. Praising Mussolini, it should go without saying, is one of those.

  3. mark finlay says:

    I was shocked when I read about O’Neil being sacked until I found out the truth behind the sacking, and now support Eliss Short for his decision, a gamble which I hope pays off for the “Black Cats.” Di Canio cannot lose in this first match as everyone expects Chelsea to win and should Sunderland come away with a point he would be a hero. The U.K. press once again show how low they can go bringing up a story that had been answered already.

  1. April 7, 2013

    […] A Gamble, Wrapped Up In A Gamble, Inside A Gamble: Di Canio To Sunderland “Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the kerfuffle that has blown up surrounding the appointment of Paolo Di Canio as the manager of Sunderland is how much of a surprise certain aspects of his past seem to have been to so many people. After all, he was hired as the manager of Swindon Town almost two years ago, and the “Roman Salute” business at Lazio happened eight years ago. You might not have thought this had you opened a newspaper this morning, though. It was screaming from the front page of The Sun, whilst other newspapers weren’t far behind with their opinions on the matter. On a week that might be otherwise characterised by a distinct lack of English clubs in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, though, this is a story that the press can really sink its teeth into.” twohundredpercent […]

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