Escape To Liquidity: Charles Green, Rangers & The English League System


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10 Responses

  1. Baz says:

    Great read however to say celtic have a sectarian problem is simply wrong! Yes our politics might not be to everyone’s liking but there is no sectarian issues at and old rangers certainly have a sectarian problem..old rangers having a no catholic singing policy in place for decades, history of fans singing sectarian songs which Uefa took action on and past players admitting to the fact they were warned to to bless themselves! And new rangers players admitting the sane a out blessing themselves and the recent “singing” on live TV which ESPN felt the need to comment on and report to authorities!

  2. Daz says:

    O dear ! What can I say celtic are the most anti British in the world the only place that you will ever see a poppy boycott and have songs about kill British soldiers !!!!!!! I hope they make it down here to England as I have a feeling the gloves would come off on how to deal with Scotland most bigotry club with vile songs about our royal family soldiers , and the pro I r a stance ( I have seen this all with my own eyes ) rangers sing song about British history on par with England song about 10 German bombers and so on .

  3. NumberNone says:

    Baz: since the ‘politics’ you refer to are inextricably linked to the same issues of Irish history that Rangers fans sing about, some might say you are attempting (and failing) to split a very fine hair. Sectarianism is alive and well amongst some sections of the Celtic support. Everyone knows that. Rangers may have a bigger problem, but denial is a problem too.

    As for the chances of the Old Firm ever decamping, Green is (as ever with OF figures) asking the wrong question. It’s not ‘why wouldn’t they let us in?’ but ‘why would they?’ What motivation exists for the FA, UEFA, FIFA, and the Premier League to go a long way out of their way to ‘rescue’ these two Scottish clubs? Slightly higher gates? A marginally more attractive TV package? Irrelevant to most of those concerned, low-priority to the rest.

  4. Bawsman says:

    Not heard a sectarian song at Celtic Park. I challenge anyone to name one?

    A large part of our support have been on the receiving end of British troops cold steel and don’t much care for an army that shoots first asks questions later.

    Before I’m pigeonholed I despise any cause which kills innocents. I also had 23 years in the british military.

  5. scoaby7 says:

    14m in unpaid paye, transfer embargo, rangers are at the court of session faster than you can say “we’ve got the judges in our pocket” no can do says the judge. bang to rights on unpaid taxes, btc judges 2-1 on “there are mechanisms in place that make what’s clearly a complete sham a loan”. tape recordings calling into question the legitimacy of duff and phelps, judge “insolvency service can look into that” nimmo the dimmo of the magic circle whitewash, “no sporting advantage gained or evident on 40m worth of premeditaded, full blown buster keating”

    here is where i am at, the judges are compromised.

  6. Mike says:

    Ah, was wondering how Green et al were able to get such well placed articles until you mentioned the name Alan Nixon. He came out of nowhere to have incredibly well informed insights into the comings and goings at Burnley and subsequently Bolton.

    I’m sure the arrival of Owen Coyle at each had absolutely nothing to do with it and he is a fine upstanding journalist who digs these things out through old fashioned as opposed to simply writing down and publishing what his mates tell him.

  7. NumberNone says:

    Bawsman: poor attempt at an April Fool. Your own manager has condemned sectarian singing at Celtic Park.

    Are you suggesting that Neil Lennon is mistaken? That he doesn’t know what a sectarian song is? Or maybe you disagree with Martin O’Neill, who also condemned it when he was manager? What about the club’s repeated appeals to fans to cut it out? Are they all just making it up?

  8. Matt says:

    Baz, we’ve all seen your poppy banners.

    Celtic aren’t welcome. That won’t change.

    And nor are Rangers, for that matter.

  9. mike says:

    Scottish clubs should stay in Scottish football. End of story.

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