Rangers & The SPL Commission’s Verdict

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5 Responses

  1. Chris D says:

    A very concise and accurate summing up. Shame most of the Scottish press couldn’t do the same.

    No mentions of “World-class administator” Campbell Ogilvie though, whose coat must be on the shoogliest of pegs.

  2. Geordie says:

    “Rangers deliberately failed to disclose EBT payments”?

    EBTs were in the published company accounts filed annually with the SPL, and also the monthly expenditure on EBTs was included in the financial information disclosed to the SFA for the purposes of the club’s UEFA licence.

    What was not supplied or was late in being supplied was additional information and documentation. This was done to protect the company’s tax position. The team did not gain any advantage on the field because additional info was not handed over or was late. Therefore a sporting sanction was not appropriate and the fine was.

  3. w garret says:

    Geez…What a long and winded spiel amounting to a vitriolic attack on all things Rangers. Must have taken you most of the morning to compile it. Maybe you are a sad wee person sitting at home with nothing better to do…….. Best advice…..go look for a job, but not in the Media Industry. Stirring shit is more suited to you.

  4. BigZed says:

    Hmm , A long winded effort of what we already know, ” But ” still no mention of the Celtic EBT for Juhinnio, I wonder why ?. Sweep Sweep., you only want to believe what you want to believe my friend get over it.

  5. Mark Murphy says:

    W. Garret,
    It took me longer than a morning to write this…I’m not even THAT good. And you’re a good judge of character. However, the “vitriolic attacks on all things Rangers” were actual quotes from the Commission’s report. So you might want a word with Lord William Nimmo-Smith, as he wrote them, not me.

    “EBTs were in the published company accounts, uner the generic heading “staff costs”, to this extent: “The Murray Group Management Ltd. Remuneration Trust was established to provide incentives to certain employees and other service providers. Payments to the Trust are charged to the Group Profit and Loss Account in the year incurred.” There then followed one figure, the monies paid INTO the trust.
    It is only fair to leave it to others to judge whether they think that information met the football authorities’ requirements for disclosure of contracted payments OUT OF the Trust to players.

    I didn’t mention Juninho’s EBT because the Commission did not look at it. Celtic failed to declare a £765,000 payment to him to the football authorities in 2005. They should have done so. In 2008, they paid the agreed tax liability associated with that payment. I believed they should have done so. Turns out I was wrong, pending appeal.

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