Bizarre PR In The Pompey Blogger Case

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  1. SW19 Womble says:

    These “special” kinds of investors get off on this sort of thing. If you’re in the way of their “road map” then they don’t care who they crush or how they do it. The fans are simply a bit of a nuisance.
    They can get away with it with polite, small fanbases, but I agree, having a pop at Pompey fans is a pretty idiotic thing to do.
    Brent at Plymouth seems to be much smarter – promise the Argyle fans representation on the board, but never quite get round to it. Then when the Trust complains a bit too loudly about the continued disenfranchisement, walk away offended claiming you can’t work with them any more.
    At Portsmouth, I bet it seemed like a good idea to run skirmishes and pester the Trust bid – after all, if it doesn’t work, then meh…. they just move on to the next carpetbagging opportunity.
    However, businessmen should beware of awakening sleeping giants….

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