Good News: Portpin Threaten Football League Over Pompey Deal

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4 Responses

  1. sean says:

    go get the club

  2. sam says:

    Fingers crossed for all at the PST. It’s time for some good governance, not chancers and shysters.

  3. Paul Collins says:

    Chandari is a desperate man ,Trying every trick in the book he knows he can;t win , Portsmouth FC owe him nothing it was a debt owed to him by the Gydamacks a business deal that went wrong ,Makes you wonder how all that can be put onto a football club, He is now trying to get the 18 million of Gydamack snr through the courts ,Seen in the south China post

  4. Lawesy says:

    Nearly there with the PST it seems – bring the bid home boys.
    Another excellent piece by Micah.

    Play Up Pompey!