Luton Town’s FA Cup Win Should Not Be Understated


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3 Responses

  1. Ross says:

    Excellent article Ian. Have just sent it to a Luton fan to make him even happier.

  2. Andy K says:

    OK, I’ll get this out there first. I’m a Sutton supporter, and was there that great day. But I want to put that aside for a moment and talk about why really a few points why I personally think that Luton’s win isn’t really up there with Hereford/Yeovil/Wimbledon/Sutton.

    1) Luton are a full time team. Luton have never been a “part time” side – all of their players receive their wages from Luton and do not need to supplement it with another job. All of those other sides had no full time players, and were either amateur or paid a small wage which certainly was not enough to live off, and trained pretty much 2 evenings a week.

    2) Luton were previously a league club. For a good 100 years or so. Although 3 of the 4 sides I mentioned subsequently became league clubs (Sutton being the noticeable exception) at the time of the victory, all of them had been non league side and never been in the Football league.

    3) None had won a trophy normally associated with league success. Luton had reached an FA Cup final, won a league cup, and even more recently won the Football League trophy. They had also won league titles prior to this. This is a side who would have been playing in Europe for it not for the ban on English sides.

    4) One could easily argue that Luton shouldn’t have been a non league club. With the FA giving an astonishing 30 point deduction (something they’ve never dare repeat) they effectively kicked Luton out of the league, maybe to make an example of them. I appreciate that getting out of the Conference has proved a little tricky, but now it is common knowledge around BSP supporters that their side “Cannot hope to compete on the wages Luton are paying” – similar to Crawley (who were paying league one level wages when in the Conference.

    I think comparing the other sides results to this one mostly based on TV revenue really does look at one, very money orientated angle. Luton’s crowds are the same as a higher end League one side without the benefit of the more travelling support they would get being two divisions higher.

    Yes, that result was a big cup upset, but to compare it to Sutton, or Altrincham for example really doesn’t make sense. Will it be remembered fondly in 20/30 years time. I doubt it.

  1. April 24, 2013

    […] weekend for the lower league teams. As well as Luton becoming only the seventh non-league team to knock out top flight opposition post-war, MK Dons raced into a four goal lead against QPR, while Aldershot and Macclesfield went down to […]

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