Millwall Football Club Demonstrates Its Care For Its Community


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5 Responses

  1. A says:

    How many times has the club been glad of the services of the local A&E because of downright hooliganism by its supporters?

    No doubt they’ve made efforts to shake off their thuggish image but scenes like the bottle throwing witnessed last night do nothing for the club’s cause. There’s just no need for it. It really is pathetic.

  2. Nathan says:

    Good for Millwall, for all the good it will do.

  3. ARealFan says:

    I am sure the Club are as appaled by the incidents of bottle throwing as the majority of the fans are. As long as the media continues to, only report the very few incidents that occur rather than the constant good work the club does they will always have a problem with individuals who read a paper and think “I want a bit of that.” Then turn up for one game a season and soon find out there views are not welcome.
    If the Media chooses to brand the club thug-ish there is very little the club can do to actually change that preception its self. Here however are a few things the club does do.
    First club to start a community scheme who have now been going for 28 years and help create opportunities for the whole community in the form of health projects, volunteering oportunities, sports coaching and supervised sessions on estates and in community centres, Over 50s groups, gun, knife and gang awareness training in schools, disability engagement sessions. and many more, not to mention the numorous charties the club has supported over the years. with staff members taking part in numoruos marathons and charity runs. so if all this is just a ruse to justify the true thug nature than they sure as hell put alot of effort and resorses into it for a few individuals to throw some bottles and then get kicked out. Millwall care about the Hospital beacuse they care about their Community.

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