We Deserve The FA Cup That We Get


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6 Responses

  1. MoeTheBarman says:

    “The Premier League is not going to give up its Super Duper Who Will Finish Fourth marketing wheeze because the FA Cup is struggling.”

    Is this not a Champions’ League issue rather than a premier League one? The Premier League doesn’t give the award for finishing fourth?

  2. Steve Thomas says:

    “Is this not a Champions’ League issue rather than a premier League one? The Premier League doesn’t give the award for finishing fourth?”

    Yes, and no.

    If the Champions League only contained champions, then fourth wouldn’t be an issue. But it doesn’t, so it is.

    And i believe the FA dictate how the Euro places are handed out, hence the possibility of handing a CL place to a cup winner instead of the third loser of the league…

  3. SD says:

    Agree with this article totally, however it’s worth pointing out that back in the day clubs had an incentive to win the FA Cup as aside from the glory it was also one of the main cash revenue streams – a cup run could boost the finances nicely. Now as you say the competition hasn’t changed but the circumstances have, which is sad.

    In the short term I don’t know what can be done. In the long term as new generations of fans discover football it might be a bit more intriguing to observe the effects. Why bother supporting a team at all if said team won’t compete for the trophies that it can win?

  4. Jim says:

    Declining attendances at the FA Cup have something to do with ticket pricing and clubs’ insistence on being allowed to play weakened teams, though, surely. If the FA were to make it a points-deducting offence not to play your strongest team and set maximum ticket prices for the FA Cup (see the new campaign “Twenty’s Plenty”) then crowds would surely match PL levels. Not that either reform has the remotest chance of happening, but blaming it on the fans for not turning up is a bit disingenuous, IMO.

  5. Agreed really – I’m choosing to miss Reading’s game with Sheffield United because my season ticket already costs a lot of money.

    But given the choice between staying up and winning the cup final, it would still be the latter – every day of the week.

  6. David Howell says:

    I wonder what Birmingham City fans would say about this, given that they won a cup (admittedly the League Cup) and lost both their Premier League status and any remote semblance of financial stability in the same season. I’d like to hear from them on this.

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