The 2012 Ballon D’Or – Messi The Magnificent… But Not The Magnanimous

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4 Responses

  1. JD says:

    Re Vucinic. It’s worth bearing in mind that he’s a certifiable loon.

  2. bobbyvuvu says:

    Benzema’s family are from Algeria which is probably why Algerian captain Majid Bougherra voted for him

  3. Joe Davies says:

    Spot on with this article. You can’t argue with messi’s brilliance, but i think this truly should have been ronaldo’s year. I too also hate the media love affair with messi, barcelona and spain. How can a team who won nothing have 5 players in the team of the year? how can a coach who won nothing and be out of a job since may be shortlisted for coach of the year? how can all players be from la liga when it was an english club who, albeit very fortunately, won the european cup. Also pirlo deserved a nod for an undefeated season and for being the best player at the euros, dragging an average italian team to the final.

    Now back to messi. He is not as perfect as people make out (agreed especially graham hunter). He can often make a meal out of tackles contrary to popular belief. And if someone goes for goal instead of passing to him, he snarls at them with a ‘holier than thou’ look that defies the saint mock up the media belies on him.

    the argument is settled for me by one question: if you were a team at the bottom of a league, so a reading or someone, who would you rather in your team? Ronaldo everytime. He has proved he can do it in any league, plus he is a better individual, not relying on a world cup winning midfield to tee the ball up for him everytime. Madrid without Ronaldo would suffer a lot more than Barca would without Messi.

  4. muna says:

    Joe davis what you said is absolutely wrong,messi was the top scorer in south american world cup qualifies with 12goals,remember dat portugal has a better midfield than argentina,stop being biased and unrealistic.Messi is a better player with or without barca midield trio

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