Blackburn’s Shebby Singh Faces The Nation

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12 Responses

  1. Tatts says:

    Excellent article! Shabby out!

  2. Lele says:

    Only because he is not British nor European , then you’re making fun out of him?..gosh is this how non European being seen in British footbal?, better get someone else to buy back Blackburn from Venky’s. Full stop.

  3. Ian says:

    Lele, the nationality and/or race of those concerned has nothing to do with our criticism of Venkys or Singh, and what is happening to Blackburn Rovers at the moment is no laughing matter to “make fun of.”

  4. dave clayton says:


  5. ST says:

    That’s a unfair comment. In today’s football, clubs are dominated/ own by foreign powerhouses which many are non-european.
    Since when did Man City fans dislike/ make fun of their owner (Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan from Arab)?
    Since when did QPR fans dislike/ make fun of their owner (Tony Fernandes from Malaysia)?
    i’ll really emphasis that Tony Fernandes is from Malaysia as well
    but he has show that he doing his best for QPR & in his interview the bloke speaks sensibly & respectably.
    While on the the other hand Shebby Singh is absolute opposite that’s why he is dislike by fans.
    All fans haves eyes to knows a good boss when they sees one, whether he is European or non-european is of no concern.
    (p.s: I’m a blackburn fan. Shebby & Venkys out!)

  6. gertcha says:

    “well, Robbie, you know” sounds like a great catchphrase, it worked for Frank Bruno

  7. Getagrip says:

    For far too long now Blackburn fans have been targeted by the media and other fans for trying to save their club from total melt down from within. At long last mr Singh has shown his true colours to the nation and I for one hope that the media may take notice of the constructive and valid criticism some have directed at the club. Yes we will always have comments on forums from angry fans that donor come across well but I would like to think that there are lots of well constructed comments being made. It pains me to say this but Blackburn rovers is a shambles we used to be one of the most respected clubs in the league. I know we need wealthy owners to bank roll our existence however those owners should also have a responsibility to run the club professionally .
    Football is big business and 100’s if not 1000’s of local people rely on their clubs being well run. Mr Singh has no credentials and is clearly out of his depth the owners MUST act now and remove him from his current position before the club slides further towards oblivion. The only way the fans can have their voices heard is by not turning up to the games. I beg the media to cover the situation at Blackburn rovers with a balanced view.

  8. Diss1t says:

    Make all the accusations you want Lele. We at BRFC are used to the ‘R’ word being flung in our direction. Despite the clueless Paul Ince amassing just 13 points from 17 games and taking a squad that finished in the top half the previous season into the bottom two we were accused of being racist for sacking the first black English Premier League manager. Odd that not one of those accusers managed to remembered that we were the first club to employ one isn’t it?
    What I would suggest is that after the godawful experiences of the past two years if was in the position of a BRFC owner and was advertising for a CEO or a manager, any applications with an Asian postmark on the front would go straight from my in-tray to the shredder!

  9. Barry Mannor says:

    A good article, but as bad as SS record is as Rovers ‘top man’. There are others at the Club whose contributions should be questioned. The Club is a shambles and a laughing stock, and that is not one mans doing.

  10. Postman Dudley says:

    Lele, you total muppet. What you’re saying is that if anyone is black or Asian, then they shouldn’t be criticised or ridiculed. If it was your club being destroyed I bet you’d have something to say about it.
    Paul Ince was given a great welcome by all Rovers fans but it soon went pear shaped and like any other failing manager, he got it in the neck from the supporters.
    We’ve had a host of black legends at Ewood from Howard Gayle to Yakubu so don’t talk rubbish.
    VENKY’s and SHABBY must go ASAP

  11. ccdev says:

    shebby is the only intelligent man at Blackburn. Too bad, there’s so much racism, it’s clear the white men don’t like the indians.

  12. Ewan says:

    @ ccdev. You are just an indian fool who supports another fool. Its not about race or skin colour. Its about managing a football club who once was epl champion. Not managing a poultry farm nor being pundit suffice or QUALIFIED to run this club. I could go on abt the jokes btw snake and indians. But well you, venky and singh cld go on and play your all time fav sport cricket. Btw im asian and everton fan.Coybs

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