A Mess Of The Blues: Birmingham City’s Slide Continues

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8 Responses

  1. Frank Heaven says:

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Blues fans wanted shot of Sullivan and Gold, who had transformed the club over a 15-year period, and put them in a virtually debt free position.

    But the £80m transfer kitty Carson Yeung promised never materialised, and signing players like Nicola Zigic for £55k a week now looks reckless.

    I fear the financial fall-out from the Yeung era will drag on for a while yet.

  2. peter weston says:

    i wonder if many blues fans really care now about birrmingham city fc any more the clubis now run by a ragtag bunch of chinese incompetants who only care about money in there own pockets ,i fear blues will be in administration very shortly and this famous club will disappear and the ground become another tesco or asda supermarket . the chinese are not honourable people so anything that is said i would take with a bowl of rice. sullivan gold and brady we miss you.

  3. Robert Dogs says:

    “Nothing has gone right at the club since Yeung arrived”…other than winning only the second major trophy in the club’s history, obviously. I’m no Yeung apoloogist, but he did pay for the players that won that trophy, and that shouldn’t necessarily be forgotten in the rush to condemn him, especially as he hasn’t actually been convicted of any crime.

  4. Andy T says:

    A very good and accurate article but with two errors. Firstly, when Gold, Sullivan & Brady arrived in 1993 the club was in the second tier. They managed to take us down to the 3rd Division 15 months later. Secondly, the article reads “nothing has gone right at the club since Yeung arrived”, nothing that is apart from the best day in our 137 year history at Wembley last February! Not that Yeung can claim too much credit for it. Times are desperate and could get much worse but let’s not get misty-eyed about Brady & Sullivan. They took more than 9 years to get us into the top flight when everyone else had their nose in the money trough that is the Premier League, then within 2.5 years of getting there, establishing ourselves, selling out of season-tickets AND making a profit, they lost all interest and allowed the rot to set in. They also lapped up Yeung’s dirty lucre (when Madejski & others had told him to do one), gave themselves whacking great pay-offs and left millions of pounds of hidden debt which they were forced to settle on the court’s steps. They didn’t have the club at heart any more than Coombs (Jnr); Wheldon; Kumars or Yeung, they were just able to juice more out of it.

  5. Drew Blue says:

    @Robert Dog: You can’t be serious??!! Yes it was nice to win some silverware but at what expense?! I do not know any Blues fan in their right mind that wouldn’t happily hand the Carling Cup back just to be rid of CY and his merry bunch of corrupt b@$tards! It’s not so much that we are in the Championship, oh no, we can deal with that…..the bitter pill to swallow is the fact that we aren’t getting out of it anytime soon and with no apparent light at the end of this soul destroying tunnel, it begs the question ‘what is the future for BCFC’? It pains me to say this but I fear Peter Weston is correct in his comments made previously….CY doesn’t want to sell, he would prefer to bleed the club dry of every asset before the administrators take control and BCFC will cease to exist! I hope and pray for a positive outcome but the way things are going and with Paladini’s bid being withdrawn from the table I fear the worst is still to come!! KRO

  6. Wearynose says:

    Drew Blue, “not getting out of it any time soon”! There’s a good chance that we will be getting out of it by the back door, down to Division 1. The Carling Cup was a distraction. It would have been better if we had gone out of the cup early and retained PL status; not an option which you can select, I know, but better in the long term. Sensible fans would want the Club to establish itself in the top flight and gradually improve rather than to break the surface after 137 years like a humpback whale before plunging to the depths again for heaven knows how many more years of abysmal, cringe-making performances. Sullivan and the Golds did produce profits and a well run financial set up, they redevloped three sides of the ground but that is it. They should never have presided over two relegations to the third tier. The reason that led them to believe that sort of event and the awful, second rate football of Fry, some of Francis, Bruce and the abysmal McLeish would be accepted is because of the number of Blues fans who seem to fall for polished t–ds being gems. They settle for the second rate, believing against all experience that a good future is around the corner. We must indicate that we want proper football, played on the ground by players who have a degree of skill, and who are in their prime, and who are managed by someonew who has the know;edge of how to go about it, from recruitment to coaching to tactics to selection and motivation. It’s a distant idyll, I’m afraid.

  7. Mark Murphy says:

    Glad my mistake has led to an interesting debate. I meant to say nothing had gone right “off the field,” because, whether you think it has subsequently proved ‘worth it.’ the League Cup Final did go very right indeed. Thanks to those who pointed out my mistake…and the one denyong Sullivan and Gold at least one relegation on their CV. If you can remember the 90s, you weren’t really there…

  8. Wearynose says:

    Mark, Relegation from the PL is something which is a realistic probability for newly promoted clubs and can be just a part of the transition and progression to established PL membership for a well- managed club. Given the resources at their (SGG) disposal, relegation to the third tier, twice, was the fact most worthy of disparaging comment, it was not meant as an all-encompassing history of the SGG tenure. As for the borrowed sixties comment about the nineties, what on Earth do you think that that means? Why reduce your fairly wide, generally sound review by using such a piece of meaningless gibbery? I remember the sixties and I was there. It ranks as a piece of nonsense with ‘form is temporary, class is permanent’.

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