The UEFA Champions League: So… How Lucky Were Celtic?

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  1. Beau Nidle says:

    There is no doubt that Celtic rode their luck on occassions, such as the goal at the Nou Camp, but some of the examples you site are just nonsense. It is not luck that sees an opponents header hit the outside of the post and go past, that’s the opponents failure to hit the target. As for Benfica they had it within their grasp to qualify but managed to miss chance after chance at the Nou Camp which was their failing not Celtic’s luck.

  2. Tommy Brown says:

    Lucky?….Possibly. But isn’t luck a part of every game? And doesn’t it sometimes go for you, or against you? Games which should be won/tied can also be lost by a simple stroke of luck.

    For example, weren’t Barca “lucky” to score a winning goal against Celtic, with only 40 seconds of injury time left?

    Wasn’t Kris Commons “lucky” that his penalty cannoned of the underside of the bar and crossed the goal-line, rather than bouncing back onto the field?

    You could argue till the cows come home about which team was luckier in any particular game, but the only statistic that counts is who scored most goals. The record books don’t show that team A got a lucky goal, whereas team B were unlucky to miss two sitters.

  3. j-rod says:

    from a Celtic supporter, this is a top class article

    great journalism

  4. Mark Murphy says:


    You are right in what you say.

    The point I was making about Sanchez’s header is that he actually headed it ON target but it spun away. I’d be surprised if even Messi could account for such things when directing his headers. Indeed, I meant to say it really WAS luck that a similar thing happened to Benfica in the Nou Camp.

    And the point you make about Benfica’s goalscoring failings is actually made in my article, although I’d understand if you didn’t get that far.

    I wrote the piece because I read a lot on Thursday about Celtic being lucky and I asked myself whether they were JUST lucky. Clearly not. They were magnificent as well.

  5. Ciaran Craik says:

    Some good points, but the anti football tag is unfair, Celtic are not a better team than Barcelona, yes Celtic beat them at home, yes they took them within seconds of a draw at the Camp Nou. But Barca remain the top team on the planet. However if Celtic had tried to attack Barcelona “gung-ho” then they would have been cut to pieces and your article would have been about Celtic’s/Neil Lennons tactical stupidity, instead Celtic played 2 strikers (yes 2) and attacked barca when they could, and sometimes actually looked dangerous! because Barca kept the ball does not make thier opponents “negative” they are simply oppressed by barca’s brilliance. yes teams have played teams of barca’s quality before and parked the bus, but I think it’s incredibly simplistic and lazy to tar them all with the anti-football brush!

  6. Mark Murphy says:


    Actually, the “form of” anti-football remark wasn’t meant as a criticism. Sometimes, its just a case of having to. I think Celtic had to, whereas Chelsea probably did not. “Oppressed by Barca’s brilliance” is more what I meant. Yours is a much better phrase.

  7. Liam says:

    “Celtic’s win in Moscow was strongly aided by Juan Insaurralde’s dismissal for denying Hooper a clear goalscoring opportunity. At the time, Celtic were fast entering plucky territory; two-one down and not really looking like fashioning a chance. And whilst they were not being over-run either, a point looked unlikely, victory unlikelier still.”

    Got as far as here and then stopped. Hooper was through on the centre of the goal with a 1 v 1, that’s a pretty good chance in my book.

    I was going to say biased and/or poorly researched article but there’s no way you couldn’t have seen the sending off. So biased article it is.

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