Brighton & Hove Albion Say “No” To Safe Standing


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5 Responses

  1. TerryD says:

    A nicely written article making valid points.

    Seating was a knee jerk reaction to head towards another option not as fully tested with its own problems.

    My feelings are that there are bound to be other short statements from clubs departments that have 10 minutes left of work on a Friday with a pile of paperwork.

    Key here is that safe standing is not mandatory to the clubs only that if the clubs allow it gives the fans a choice, an option.

  2. Sergeant Wilson says:

    Did the support think to ask about safe standing when they were building the park?

  3. Tony says:

    How can we criticise a club engaging honestly with its supporters on where it stands in regards to whatever subject is raised.

    We should be applauding this type of intelligent response even if it clashes with our own ideas of how things should be!

  4. attila says:

    It’s not as bad as all that. Read chief executive Paul Barber’s response to my email which I posted on NSC today…
    The dialogue is very much still there and we WILL NOT be ignored, I can promise you that. We beat the scum who sold the ground and nearly destroyed the club, we made Brighton Council bring us home from Gillingham, we beat Lewes Council and its NIMBYs when they opposed our new stadium, and when the new stadium was being planned we made sure that we got real ale in all concourses and a decent fans’ bar. I can promise you that if/when safe standing becomes a viable and legal possibility we will be right in there….:)

  5. Philip says:

    A well written and interesting article but to suggest Brighton have problems filing thier ground is ignorant. They sell out most home games and currently have the best ave attendance in the football league and better than many in the premier league.

    The club has also spent years working WITH THE FANS to overcome many difficult and potentially fatal issues regarding building the new stadium and has built a stadium they can be rightly proud of. It certainly hasn’t turned its back on its fans in this case either. Instead is looking after thier best interests through an issue which is certainly not as black and white as the writer seems to suggest. Especially regarding the more vulnerable quieter proportion of thier fanbase that benefit from all-seater stadia.

    To criticise the club for ignoring fans when the club has taken on board fan feedback to help develop the club into one supporters can be proud of (which is rarity in the upper echelons of English football currently), and give them a matchday experience at the new Falmer stadium that can be enjoyed by all seems like an argument fuelled by a one-sided agenda. When, as mentioned above, thier stance purely just disagree with your own.

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