Bankrupt: Northwich’s Jim Rushe Fails The Fit & Proper Persons Test


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7 Responses

  1. alan says:

    Question is, will the FA finally react? They don’t seem too bothered that he has managed to front TWO clubs simultaneously, in clear contravention of another of their rules.

  2. oftenscore6 says:

    Matter of time is correct. Last year, Rushe failed to report the insolvency event of striking out the previous CVA due to failing to make the payments. Whilst the action is clear when the FA are notified about his bankruptcy, I can see him failing to report and continuing on as if everything was normal again…Best of luck to the supporters trust reincarnation!

  3. DiamondsFan says:

    Nice article – I really felt for the NVFC Supporters Trust spokesman on the Non-League Show. It’s difficult to defend against someone who, from my understanding of the situation, was telling bare-faced lies.

    The FA won’t do anything…. as usual. Why? Because doing something would involve someone sticking their head above the parapet and I don’t believe that anyone with a nice cushy job at Wembley is prepared to do that.

    I applaud the Northwich Trust for the way that they are dealing with the situation, for their resolve and for the progress made so far and I wish them every success with their new club. If they need any advice/help, there are lots of good people at our club who will be only to pleased to assist.

    P.s. Bit disappointed that you missed AFC Rushden & Diamonds out of your list of Supporter-Owned clubs :-(

  4. mick says:

    How ironic………..a Solicitor acting for a dubious business with unethical practices and a contempt for honouring agreements to repay debts, doesn’t get paid !

    Cannot wait to hear that Bean’s pay cheque did not clear either

  5. Chris says:

    Andrew Simpson‏@simmo_on_sport

    @NorthwichVicsFC owner Jim Rushe has called to say a bankruptcy order made against him last month has been rescinded in court this morning.


  1. January 3, 2013

    […] is much better news than Northwich Victoria had this week. Two months after their owner Jim Rushe had a bankruptcy notice filed against him, (now rescinded) their former holding company Northwich Victoria (2004) Ltd went bust. This has no […]

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