Pompey – One Step From Home

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  1. Paul says:

    I wish you and the Trust all the very best. It will not be an easy path but it is the right one. In Wales Trust involvement at Swansea, Merthyr and Wrexham has been very positive.

  2. steve woodhead says:

    These are momentous times for Pompey, with wider implications for many other clubs.

  3. Frank Heaven says:


    Really? Like the fact that Portsmouth cheated their way to an FA Cup and survival in the Premier League for several seasons?

    Because if you’re serious about putting that right, you will hand back the FA Cup plus tens of millions in TV revenue to the clubs relegated at Portsmouth’s expense during that period.

    I won’t hold my breath.

    As to this notion that Portsmouth are some kind of standard bearer for a new model of football club, don’t make me laugh. You happily supported what was the worst example of football cheating/mismanagement in living memory. And now you expect us to believe you when you say you’ve found the promised land?

  4. Mark says:

    Frank, you should probably pay more attention. If by “cheating” you mean paying inflated wages, that charge can be levelled at most all of the Premier League clubs. Name a single club in the top divisions where the fans would rail in protest at an owner bankrolling the signing of big name players and a chase for glory.

    Second, I doubt Portsmouth fans feel they have found the “promised land”, they have a decade of recovery and rebuilding ahead of them.

  5. Matthew says:

    Nice article. It’s a shame though that to see that there still those who chose pedal the “cheats” accusation rather than paying any attention to the content of the article.

    Pompey have been held (quite rightly) as a prime example of how a club shouldn’t be run owing to the two administrations, and the various owners that have run the club in recent years. Even during the “good times”, questions were being asked even then about as to where the money was coming from. Ultimately though with outside owners, fans have little control over boardroom matters and we had no more control over the money being spent than we did once the money ran out and the club was spiralling towards financial disaster.

    What the whole Pompey affair highlighted for me is exactly what bankrolling a football club entails. Money put in is purely investment, not benevolence, and the one thing that seems certain is that an owner will eventually want either a return on his investment or his money back. Many clubs seem to still be run in the same manner as Pompey were back in the days of the cup win, and are maybe one unforeseen circumstance away from suffering a similar fate.

    Pompey fans aren’t proud of the mess the club is in, or the debt that has been built up by previous regimes, but the point is that at least they are now fighting back. We can’t redress the past, but can make sure the future takes a different course, and ensure that we do have control over what happens in the boardroom. As the article points out about the Trust “their one aim in taking the club over is to move forward in a realistic fashion, a way that makes sure the club is never in this position again”. By this, it means that going forward, the club will be run on a basis by which it operates within its means, spending only what it brings in from revenue, and paying its debts. And I’m sure anyone who still thinks we are cheats would prefer that option to us building up another debt mountain. Then again perhaps not, for what will they find to moan about then…?

  6. Adam says:

    How stupid can some people be?

    So Pompey cheated?

    We employed players which our then owner said we could afford until he suddenly decided he wanted his money back (mainly due to the disastrous financial economy at the time).

    Theoretically this could happen to any club which spends beyond its means, if there sugar daddy decided to walk away.

    Chelsea, Liverpool & City to name but a few couldn’t sustain their wage bill if their respective owners pulled the plug overnight, which is what happened at Pompey.

    Look at Bolton, £136m in the red but the debt is swallowed up by the owner. Did they cheat their way to mid-table obscurity?

    The bigger picture is that the game in this country is in a dire state and Financial Fair Play can’t come soon enough.

    Credit is due to clubs like Arsenal who make profit and are relatively reserved in their transfer dealings. Everton also do well on a relative shoestring.

    Our club has had it’s name dragged through the mud and it’s the supporters who are left to pick up the pieces and try and restore some pride whilst fans if other clubs continually have a dig. Their venom should be aimed at all the ******* that have used our club as a pawn over the years, not the fans who had zero say.

    It’s time ALL of us reclaimed our game and I think Community owned clubs are the future.

  1. February 1, 2013

    […] the Trust became the preferred bidder of the club, after the previous preferred bidders Portpin failed to satisfy the Football League’s questions and were deemed ‘unlikely’ to pass the Owners and […]

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