Mal From Ayr, Kilmarnock Fan Extraordinaire

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7 Responses

  1. martyn says:

    absolutely spot on man i had the misfortune to listen to Mal ‘kilmarnock fan honestly’ on sat night what a clown i felt i had to tweet 5 live an radio scotland in response a very bitter individual
    but thats the sort that that bring scotland down. well done to the bhoys on that fab result against barca youve done scotland proud, hail hail.

  2. “Mal” must have been doing the rounds as he was also on “Your Call” on Radio Scotland as well.

  3. duncan says:

    why just mal every phone in has the same double standards how many
    celtic athletic fans claim to support other local teams
    as for the tax case scotland must have the most honest tax payers in the world. pity there.s been a change sickness invalidity benefits. remember rangers tried to use the loop holes in the tax system. the rangers fans paid at the gates to get in the vast majority form wages that paid p a y e.

  4. Borys says:

    One manifestation of this is the accusation that any critic of the Rangers must be a bigot, an obsessive, a Celtic fan, or all three.

    You forgot “paedophile” and “unreconstructed heavy duty tarrier”.

  5. duncan says:

    any critic of rangers must be a bigot that must be three quarters of scotland ,o.i and that dos not include all employees off the bbc and stv. p.s phil magubbin the swindler that wrights on bigotry and over spending. pity there.s no mirrors in any of these houses .
    but its only ranger supporters that indulge in bigotry .

  6. Matt says:

    Duncan, what language was that you just used?

  7. hattersfan says:

    Duncan – is English your third language? What sort of school did you attend- if any?

    If you want to wave your ignorance like a flag……

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