Racism… Again


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10 Responses

  1. maliniok says:

    Your point 4 is so ignorant it beggars belief it appeared on this site. I am white. I have been ‘racially’ (the abuse more to do with my nationality) abused. In London. By black people.

  2. JAMES says:

    So you can only suffer racist abuse if your black then? all black people should be managers?? all black people should be coaches??? all black people aint racist???? black players union IS racist!!! the MOBO awards are racist!!!! and everything you black people want to have that is just for YOUR type is racist too!!!!! i suppose it’s John Terry’s fault every time a black person commits a crime?? or are the police racist for arresting them???? heard this nonsense all my life but for some reason every other race has to put up with it!?

  3. “They all need to rip up their books and start again, with a fundamental aim of zero tolerance and no room for either interpretation or misinterpretation from anybody on the subject.”
    So I presume Ferdinand’s twitter endorsement of the “Choc Ice” racist taunt towards Ashley Cole comes under this category? Oh that’s right it can’t be racist because it’s a black man towards another black man. Try using the American equivalent of “An uncle Tom” in the US and see what type of reaction you get.

  4. Dave says:

    James, I vaguely see the kind of point you are (unsuccessfully) trying to make, but the way you have made it, and your reference to John Terry leads me to believe you are an aggrieved Chelsea fan completely blinkered to what is going on (I might be wrong). The tone of your post is wrong. Very wrong.

  5. Steve P says:

    Surely the real underlying issue is the hypocrisy and double standards that are consistently applied by all those that comment, because in truth they all have an agenda.

    The media have as always created and fueled this fire to make money.

    Abuse is abuse, to start to discriminate based on minorites may be the current vogue, but it is inherently prejudiced against the majority.

    Anyone with a brain cell knows the FA were forced into making the decision they did. On the one side we had the blood thirsty crew who had been making open threats over the consequences of not making an example of Terry because he is without doubt a loathsome person. He had successfully manipulated the judicial system. There is no doubt if the FA had handed down the same punishment the drug cheat Ferdinand got, he would have appealed and created a scenario that would have damaged football in a way that is beyond comprehension.

    What bothers me is how Rio Ferdinand has become the central victim in this situation and vocal point. How his comment at Cole was brushed away. If a white person had made that comment, the outcome would have been very different.

    How is is acceptable to everyone that the B word can be swapped with Welsh and then directed at Robbie Savage?

    How is it acceptable that every week a reasonable percentage of players and fans direct language at the Officials that is clearly breaking the law?

    Since when did blackmail become an acceptable way for people of any background to behave?

    I have long advocated that racism will only ever disappear when there are no factions in society for people to become moral and vocal leaders for.

    My agenda is that I would like to see Terry, both Ferdinands, The FA and Carlise etc exposed for the dishonest frauds they all are.

  6. Mike says:


    Brilliant! – “You Black People”.
    Where do you stand on “You Gay People” in football?

  7. karl says:

    Abusing someone because of their nationality is not the same as abusing someone because of their skin colour!!!

  8. Steve P says:

    Abuse is Abuse Karl, why is it deemed as bad when the word is Paki, or if the B world has been replaced by Indian, Muslim etc, but not Welsh, Irish, French, German etc? It is the same because you are labeling a person.

    What you seem to be saying is only a white person can make a racist comment. And even then its only racist if against a different colored skin. That may be the case to make something news worthy and fuel the media need for profit, but that does not make it true.

    I cannot accept that Rio Ferdinand is not a racist, his comments regarding what he feels should have happenned to John Terry are clearly prejudiced and hence unacceptable.

  9. maliniok says:

    Karl – honestly can you explain the difference? By the way I would like to know people’s opinion. Do you cinsider the word Negro racist?

  10. karl says:

    Steve P, maliniok, – It is a interesting issue. I think if you replaced the word Black with white and used that in a derogatory manner, it is racist. for example an asian/black etc… person calling someone a white *^&*&^*& is equally as racist. It is one person abusing someone else based on their skin colour. I have met people of all skin colour who are racist for example in India a white person will face racism, it is the the responsibility of the majority to make sure the minority isn’t oppressed.

    Nationalism and patriotism, and being abused on the basis of your country of origin or for that matter religion are equally abhorrent. but and this is my point (perhaps it is just semantics) racism is based on skin colour. It doesn’t help the issue to confuse them and hide behind them as a excuse.

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