“I Always Thought The Fan Base Could Be Monetised”: Craig Whyte Speaks To The BBC

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  1. eastendbear says:

    i take it the author of this piece of,sorry article is another fully paid up member of the cabal,with the funny bum shake,the tone u have entered into during the piece,my apologies again,the article,are an added statement in itself,mr daly is a good investigative reporter,but the rest of the gang from the top right down to junior members,into which category the silent author of this ‘article’ undoubtably falls into,the dropping of names like chris ‘my chins all shite’ mclaughlin,mark daly and RTC,both proves and confirms it,the golden joby straw award has got to b won by some1 in the lower reaches of the cabal,and the author of this piece….sorry i must apologise again,ive got to stop doing tht and b as impartial to the story as the author seems or appears to be,anyway as i was sayin,the author of this ‘article’ has sure flung his hat into the ring for at least a podium finish,but depending on wht phil ‘whats his name again’ does with his 3 registered votes,id say this ‘article’ should well and truly be deserved of at least the upgrade in status the ‘golden joby straw’ award gets from junior member,to a fully fledged apprentice,and by god has he earned it,the flippant bias towards rangers in all recent work,proves tht here we have an entity who like thousands of other cabalists,is still showing the anger and resentment towards the fact tht ‘glasgow rangers live’,after being granted membership to the SFA first of all and awarded sfl3 status to boot,and shall live on,being run by a company who own all the assests and history behind the old companies,debt free and thriving with money in the bank,season ticket sales rising,rights to merchandising back where thy belong,a new share issue on the horizon and investors queuing up round the copland road,what more could an anti rangers cabal member dread more,without edmiston house being turned into a giant rangers supporters club,being added to the misery,only the structure of the spl caving in and being reincarnated with an sfl logo and david longmuir head honcho could make us ‘TEDDY BEARS’ happier than we already are hahahahahaahahahahahahahaha hahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha and no amount of dodgy anti rangers pieces of,sorry ano im taking the piss,anti rangers articles,sorry wee obsessive books,biased reporters or obsessive trolling tims will spoil our journey,how does tht song go thts it ‘sunday,monday,happy days,tuesday, wednesday,happy days,thursday,friday,happy days,saturdays we’ll b grooving all week with u,…..these days are ouuuuurs, WE ARE THE PEOPLE and dont ever forget it,i know u were hoping tht we slid into oblivion,but we did nt,so u can get up off ur knees,and get used to it,our league status might have changed,but as u well know mr author……..

  2. Patrick says:

    Its Champions League week —— is anybody still interested in yesterday’s news?

  3. dave fisher says:

    Just your mhanky mob….more intersted in the world record holders of championships than your own runners up.

  4. mike says:

    why you reading this then, who are pacific shelf playing anyway clown.

  5. Big Dee says:

    …Fans can be monetised, i mean just look what Wee Fergus McCann got out of ra shellic…:)
    ..Honestly bhoys its time to leave Rangers alone and consentrate on your own club your hatred is getting tedious.

  6. Gerry says:

    I for one will be interested until truth and justice prevail. Not holding my breath though.

  7. father feeler says:

    yes,look around the web.good luck smelly sick,but I’m sure they don’t need it.mtan

  8. Thomas Cochrane says:

    GBNL…..mon the hoops

  9. TimPat o'Declan says:

    Rangers downfall is never “yesterday’s news”. This story will run for some years and the FTT verdict has been released to the parties involved; the outcome will be public within the next few days.

    That said, C’mon the hoops!

  10. Danny says:

    Why did u bother to read it then Paddy? Champions league and your obsessed enough to post about the World Record Holders!

  11. Patrick says:


    of course you’re right!

    The reactions of the No Surrender monkeys are a pleasant diversion between the Champions League games. I swear their use of the English language is deteriorating on a daily basis. Check out eastendbear’s diatribe —– dozens of words without a single punctuation mark! The teachers at my school would have gone berserk.

    I look forward to many more weeks and months as the lid is finally blown on the corruption on Glasgow’s south side.

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