Hereford United & The Costs Of Relegation


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5 Responses

  1. I was very surprised to read that the club budgeted on an average crowd of 2400. Attendances drop every time a team drops a league in relegation, so it would’ve been far better had the people in charge at Hereford planned on a lower attendance.

    I have to say that this budget blowout shows up again the importance of intelligent and competent decision-makers at a club’s executive level.

  2. Exlandlord says:

    Although there have been some catastrophic appointments and contractual gaffs the overall budgets that were set weren’t completely unrealistic. It’s only four years ago that we had gates of over 3000 fairly consistently so was it really too pie-in -the-sky to think that a fresh start might produce the same sort of figures. Even the previous relegation to the Conference had seen an average gate of over 2400 in the first season.

    Once you’ve set and committed to such a budget it’s virtually impossible to go back and change it at the drop of a hat. The judgments that were made have proved to be inaccurate but have not been helped by incidents largely beyond the Board’s control.

  3. Borys says:

    Then go part time.

  4. dannylad says:

    Attendances can increase if a club gets relegated and start winning. Although slightly different circumstances, the average attendance for Shrewsbury in the old Division 3 was 3,600 in 2001/02 and 3,800 in 2002/03, but this increased to 4,100 in the conference. This was despite the much lower away followings. The key is if the club can start winning games and get the feelgood factor back.

  5. cyril says:

    hopefully hufc will contact all possible sponsorship avenues!!! how about famous people born in hereford!? anything!!!!! where theres a will theres surely a way right!? all i can say is up the whites!! just work hard and win hereford players!!!! score score score dont give up!!!!!!! hereford v shrewsbury……
    up the whites! hereford till ya die!!!!
    hereford bulls c’moooonnnnnnnn!!!!

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