Pompey Fans Reveal the Shadows behind the ‘Invisible’ Owner: Update

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7 Responses

  1. mr x says:

    Time for the Fraud Squad?

  2. Tony T says:

    I thought, as a Pompey fan, nothing else would surprise me. This has, and more. A shocking set of murky trails of deception. Well done for making this public.

  3. old wag says:

    and capable of time travel…

    ”and between November 2011 and February 2010 –”

    perhaps they can erase the 2 administrations too….

    the club needs to be punished – every other club who cheated got fined between 9 and 30 pts….why not Pompey ?

  4. SJMaskell says:

    Cheers ‘Old Wag’. Typo corrected.

    However, Pompey will have had 29 points deducted when they come out of admin this time. Your question somewhat redundant I fear.

    I rather feel this goes beyond points deductions.

  5. mark G says:

    And who does the points deduction punish? The owners that have left the club in its sorry state… Or the 1000s of fans that have loyally supported the club through thick and thin, the players that have continued to give 100 % week in week out or the back room staff that have lived in fear or losing their livelihoods since this pantomime has started. Those people are the victims yet they seem to take the punishment in their stride whilst the those that caused it fade away in the background

  6. Hilzee says:

    An excellent piece of investigative journalism. Now can I urge you to find a willing producer to create a documentary with slick graphics so my simpleton brain can understand the bits that didn’t quite sink in?

    This story is huge and indicative of our beloved game and needs to reach a wider audience.

    Thank you Micah Hall


  7. Dinksy says:

    A brilliant expose by a tenacious fan while the yellow-bellied ‘professional’ journalists sit around in their comfort zones copy and pasting Press Releases scared of upsetting anyone.

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