A Change Of Name May Be The Least Important Aspect Of Leyton Orients Future.


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4 Responses

  1. Martin Simpson says:

    Hearns keeps talking about saving the community club. He wants to move the club to a different Borough, give free tickets to people in the new Borough, free tickets to the armed forces from various Boroughs and surrounding counties (and from Leyton hopefully) build crowds up to 30’000 and above and then claim it is a wonderful local community club still.

    Or perhaps he simply wants to ensure he gets a chance of the money that could be made by building a bigger club.

    The fanbase and type for a local club is completely different than those who follow larger clubs. Moving to the OS will be the end of the O’s.

  2. Leigh says:

    You must understand Hearn’s ever changing position on the Stadium debate has been forced on him by the ever changing position of the OPLC/LLDC. He is in no way pulling strings or calling shots on who should be there. When the bid was first won, it was mentioned to him by Ken Livingston that Orient could occupy a 25,000 seat stadium but Hearn was uninterested as it featured a running track. If he was offered conversion money then, he would have taken it. He was forced to change his position when it was announced by Boris that a Premier League club should occupy after the games- Hearn then pointed out that this would put Orient in danger of going out of business due to the proximity of Brisbane Road (Also something categorically outlawed by both PL and FL rules). The support for Tottenham to occupy was born out of the insistence by The Mayor that a PL club must play there, and for Orient, the fact that Spurs could fill a 60,000 stadium with existing members and season ticket holders rather than use aggressive marketing techniques which the PL rules on relocation are specifically designed to prevent.
    Certainly Hearn has the best interests of Leyton Orient- he has taken no salary or dividend from the club since being in charge- he has sold fixed assets in order to break even. He has a right to turn a profit of some sort from any deal. After all, it is his business, but it how much that is of importance here.
    I am also very tired of the issue of which London Borough clubs play in- I have never, in my life, met anyone who supports a club based on which London Borough they live in. Usually, as we know, the decision is taken on locality- other times via our family’s club, sometimes because of players and other times just at random, but I assure you that imaginary borders which are London Boroughs never dictate ones choice of club.
    You are right that ultimately, no club occupying the stadium is best for Orient- The Football Authorities have it in their own rules that they will not sanction any move which could put another club in danger- Hearn is protecting his right. Personal feelings about Hearn get in the way of almost every argument about his stance on the stadium debate- speculating on his pursuit of money really hasn’t got a place in this issue.

  3. Leigh says:

    P.S. Your history surrounding our name chages is just untrue, so please do more research. The’Sun rising in the East’ business is just rubbish.

  4. Ian says:

    Leigh, I wasn’t referring to that specifically being the clubs reasons for choosing the name, merely the etymology of the word itself from Latin.

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