What Constitutes a ‘Director’? Part 2: The Pompey Angle

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3 Responses

  1. Joe - Vancouver Canada says:

    Surely if Trevor Birch reads this (and Micah Hall’s ongoing expose) it must be completely IMPOSSIBLE for him to select Portpin as the preferred buyer. It must be obvious to anyone that Portpin (Chainrai & Kushnir) do not qualify under the Football League’s current rules for “Owners and Directors” If he goes ahead and chooses them in these circumstances I would have thought that any other bidders would be adversely affected and PKF could be sued by them and also by any other creditors.

  2. DINKSY says:

    Sounds to me like the FL have fudged their opportunity to draw up up clear rules that are NOT open to interpretation. And the result of that fudge has come back to bite them on the backside before the ink has hardly had time to dry.
    In Formula 1, fans may not like the hyper-technical nature of the rules that govern the sport but govern they do. The participants know full well the consequences of straying outside those strict laws and as such, the sport functions successfully. In contrast, the paralympics got itself into a right tangle this summer with rules that were not tight or specific enough.
    Why do the rules need to be so tight? Because sport is a business first and an entertainment second. Notions of ‘sporting’ behaviour belong to a bygone era. If there is a loophole, not matter how small, exploit it, if there is a way to find an edge through a small technicality, use it. In other words, cheat if you can.
    With Portpin, we are dealing with a company who are not interested in sport anyway. So the delay in making a decision over Pompey is nothing to do with Birch. It is a problem that has been kicked down the road to land at the front door of the FL who are now faced with a huge problem of their own making.

  3. Saintsfan says:

    A nice piece. Hope that the PST have the money to take over.

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