Is This How It Ends For Kettering Town? With A Benny Hill-Esque Chase?


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7 Responses

  1. fwis says:

    The only surprise in this story, for me, is the fact that players will still sign for a club that George Rolls is (er… or is not) involved with.

  2. MancunianPsycho says:

    fwis, there is a strong possibility that they didn’t know. Kettering aren’t obliged to tell anyone because he wouldn’t be on the books.

    It’s a shame for Kettering; like the blog says, just hand the club to the fans and be done, and hope they can drag them back. Because for now, nobody is winning.

  3. Ian says:

    What a sad mess for a club who for years were a good old honest, well supported and well run non-league side with a decent old (Proper) ground.
    Is it me, or does anyone else wonder if the relegation/promotion between league and non-league has been that wonderful?
    All it has done is seen clubs like Kettering, Rushden, Telford and loads more chase the dream and get themselves into trouble. for every Fleetwood, Crawley etc there are the aforementioned disasters that have sdaly happenned.

  4. Sean of the Shed says:

    Ian – To be fair, chasing the elusive dream isn’t just the folly of Non league clubs. Just look at Portsmouth now, and in recent times Leeds, Bradford, Plymouth to name but a few. Some of the clubs that have achieved promotion to the League have been, and remain, very well run clubs, such as Wimbledon, Stevenage and Burton.

  5. Ian says:

    Sean, I quite agree with you, that the dream is chased throughout all levels. However the point I was trying to make (Probably not trying very well!) was that there are so many clubs who have gone to pot chasing the elusive FL place. I agree, Stevenage, AFC Wimbledon, Burton all appear to have good business models, but , I feel are exceptino to the rule. It just saddens me when you see clubs like Kettering and their current status. Typical last year was when Tooting & Mitcham had a new owner come in and claim Conference within 5 years. What followed was relegation and so far serious struggles this season and crowds dropping.

  6. alanm says:

    Much sympathy for the Kettering fans – we at Northwich Vics know, however, that the death throes of a calamitously mismanaged homeless club can be almost interminable. I hope for KTFC fans’ sake that someone pulls the plug sooner rather than later.

  7. Blue Mole says:

    Sadly all to reminiscent of events at Chester City in recent years leading to its eventual demise.. Luckily we had a committed group of supporters who were able to set up a Phoenix club but our main advantage was that the ground was owned by the local authority so was available to the new Chester FC from the outset.

    Good luck to all the long suffering Kettering fans. It is quite appalling that the FA still allows mismanagement of this scale at all levels of the professional game. It is only a matter of time before some other big names are mired in insolvency.

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