Pompey Play Up

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  1. Dazza says:


  2. Pompey True says:

    He’s duped the fans and the board. Why would he want to invest in us with his amount of money?
    We’ve got a rubbish ground (It’s not even up to championship standard), we’re going down (that is a fact) And we’ll struggle to even beat our rivals down the road even now. We are an absolute joke and kidding ourselves. Yes call me pessimistic, but we need to face reality.
    Go down, consolodate, get rid of the joker/he’s not a real Dr.bloke/ Dr. in his own lunch break/, get some passion back and wake up. The dream is over, yes it was great (Hmmm Leeds) Thankfully we’re still alive but expectations have been falsely raised. / and who let go of Matt Taylor? The londoner bloke who despite being pompey thru and thru ( I Love Southampton erm no I don’t erm I love Pompey, erm well if you pay me enough I’ll love Spurs…………Todorov we’re coming to get you

  3. Wurzel says:

    To the few good decent Pompey fans the red and white side of Hampshire is looking forward to proving once again who is the number one club in Hampshire, hopefully in about 12 months time. It does seem you are already assembling a team for Championship football (or worse).

    To the rest of you who were revelling in our near total disappearance only a few short months ago before the (genuine) 4th richest owner in British football came to our rescue ……. well you can finish the sentence yourselves ;-)

    Seriously, it really does look like your club has been well and truly f@~*ed over by the only man in the world who can make Gordon Brown look honest and trustworthy. Hopefully the PVA can get some serious answers to some serious questions before it’s too late.

  4. Martin says:

    He sounds like the perfect person to own and run a Premier League club…

  5. ejh says:

    Ah, it’s Clive James’ Tommy Docherty joke again….

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